Friday, August 31, 2012

More problems dumped on Rockaway

"Just received this email from local friends which was dispersed by a local police officer. I would appreciate your not using names nor my name. But this is just terrible if it’s true. We are a dumping ground here in the Rockaways. There seems to be no way out for us to improve." - Anonymous

My source telling me of 270 troubled youths who will soon be using the Stella Maris School in Rockaway Park is TRUE. My source also states coming in from other boroughs is TRUE. Yes... the Martin De Porres School will be opening when school starts and their staff will be there the day before. I drove by the school this afternoon and just happened to talk to some worker there who gave me the information, but then in the front of the school I ran into the Assistant Principal (Frank) of this new school and he gave me the same information. If you don't know, as a non profit they do not have to go thru the Community Board. Also I contacted our local officials, papers etc. to make them aware of what is going on in our Community.

Now for the next bit of lovely news my source gave me today, the St. John's Boys Home will soon be housing (this Sept) 12 Criminals. I don't have the information on the ages or what their status is but the program will be called "NON SECURE PLACEMENT." Someone else sent me the information below on this program that runs in Richmond Hill, Queens.

St. John's operates one "Non Secure Detention" group home facility, which is funded by the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice. This 10 bed facility, located in Richmond Hill, Queens, serves as a short term residence for adolescent males as they await Family Court outcomes.


Anonymous said...

The city will use these sites as holding pens until Rikers has some openings.

Anonymous said...

data must be collected about where these "pupils" have been prior to they have criminal records ?have they been charged and convicted of rapes,assault etc.

the D.O.E. has to have this data available.inform the community quickly with a mailing or flier handouts at the churches,markets,etc. be explicit on the fliers.

your Cm or Assemblyman should be able to get information.

the D.O.E and Mayor(Macchiarola/Koch attempted this punishment to our community in 1983, after the community in Auburndale resisted their closing of our local school building, P.S.130 Q. today the elementary school has pupils with the highest math and E.L.A. in NYS.

but your residents have to protest loudly with media present.also your c.p.b must help.

good luck....

Anonymous said...

The city's Agency for Children's Services wrote the document implementing this program in the Spring. The city's ACS engaged in no public site selection process and a whole bunch of these are coming. Your councilman had to know what ACS was up to.

Anonymous said...

more crack and gun violence coming into Rockaway. the youth at St. John's Home are allowed out into the community. Just as the residents of the Park Inn and the so called three quarter houses on Beach 116th street.

what it comes down to, Rockaway is the City's Dumping Ground.

close all these places. Close the Park Inn.

Anonymous said...

any community that is not vigilant and whistle blowers against the progressives will be inundated with social engineering projects.

you are being invaded....retaliate quickly and loudly .use the media and people power.

we did it in the 1980's.we even had a motorcade to the D.O.E. trustee's residence in Douglaston Manor ,on Labor Day. it is a slow media day and they will cover a story,eagerly.
when the 111 pct.patrol car questioned as to why we were "parading", he escorted us to the area .

the elite of Douglaston Manor were stunned that the little people would interrupt their tennis and swimming on a holiday.

i am proud to have been one of the leaders of the motorcade.

Anonymous said...

Any new information available ?

Anonymous said...

is the building owned by the city or Bklyn/Queens Diocese ?

Anonymous said...

It's owned by the diocese. Building is being renting.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 6: And you accomplished what by staging that rally, aside from using up some gasoline and bothering the trustees' neighbors?

Anonymous said...

a community group must quickly meet with the Diocese.
they may rescind the rental ,if they know what is going to happen to the community.

P.S.130 Q in Auburndale/Bayside did not become a "600 School for Troubled Men", up to 21 years of age. who had been ordered to this program or go to jail , by the courts.

a persistent community saved the school from auction sale in 1982, a nyc deputy comm. of real estate had to resign under D.O.I. probe and in 1987 was reopened as a elementary school again.

Anonymous said...

What would having a private school for troubled youth do the community?

Anonymous said...

why don't you invest in the cost of a house or business nearby, and tell the ?

put your $$$$$ where your mouth is ?

Dee said...

Good grief. What a load of crap! The courts place adolescents in NSD's for a variety of reasons. Some are there for something as simple as carrying a sharpie. Yes. You are cjarged with a crime in NYC for carrying a sharpie. Another crime is non attendance at school. Violent offenders do not go to NSD. These boys are all juveniles and do not have a "criminal record" because Juveniles do not get charged with adult crimes. Stop scaring people,.