Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not a wise move

"Surfin USA.
No...make it Broadway LIRR station.
Maybe the Beach Boys should patrol the premises.

Dangerous sport...this guy lost his skateboard when it skidded out from under him onto the tracks. Luckily he didn't follow it."


Anonymous said...

Maybe LIRR service ain't as good as it used to be,
so this enterprising lad brought along his alternate mode of personal transportation just in case of a delay.

Anonymous said...

do we not have enough skating parks in our borough?

Anonymous said...

where's Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association?

Anonymous said...

Then you've got 2 local drunks that were expelled from St. Andrews Church shelter program
for not going into rehab.

They hang around the neighborhood and generally do their drinking on 164th Street and Crocheron near the Korean convenience store.

You can occasionally spot their "liberated" supermarket shopping carts, full of junk,
in the underpass of the Broadway station.

They also rifle through trash cans looking for deposit bottles.

Once in awhile they will even trespass onto private property.

Oops, I was just notified that there is a 3rd drunk

Anonymous said...

how much taxpayer $$$ was spent by Planyc in 2010 to construct the multi-bench and three foot wall gardens at I.S.25 at F.L.Blvd/34Ave.,Flushing/Auburndale ?

the skate boarders love jumping the walls on the North end of the school . no one else uses the tree/bench space.

stimulus $$$$waste ?

Anonymous said...

If only he would've followed his skateboard onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train. Hopefully the moron would've not procreated yet and would be the recipient of a Darwin award.

Anonymous said...

I should have sent in the photo
that clearly shows this stupid guy's face.

Maybe his mom would have broken her son's legs
so he could never skate again.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with skateboarding???

Anonymous said...

#8...when the daredevil teens ruin their anatomy on public property ,school playgrounds,subway steps,sidewalks,curbs etc. their parents and lawyers always sue NYC GOVERNMENT , and you , the taxpayer pay for the teens stupidity.

ask SHELDON SILVER, the Speaker of the Assembly(Albany) ?his law firm prosecutes and wins most of these legal"accident" cases against the city taxpayers. with out of control award $$$$$ to the daredevil teens.

Anonymous said...

Instead, they should charge the moron's parents for the subsequent cleanup and for lost time at work by the people on the train trying to get to where they're going.

Anonymous said...

I've seen those two (or three?) homeless guys as well several times. One place they like to camp out a lot at is in the tunnel under the Broadway station, on the side more toward Northern Boulevard, on the stairs there.

A new supposed "24 hour Internet cafe" with no windows whatsoever just opened up on 164th and Crocheron. I haven't tried to go in yet, once they see my round-eye dog-eye face, I'm sure they'll say "private party, private party" and usher me out. These guys can go in there and daytrade on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Fergus and Gilbert are 2 of those drunks.
Although I've been told that they are not exactly homeless....having secured lodgings locally.

One, apparently, is from Ireland and the other from Australia.

Anonymous said...

What about that shady "barber shop" just around the corner of that 24 hour internet cafe?

It's door is always locked....the window is covered....
and 4 CCTV cameras cover the outside view.

A naive neighbor of mine wanted a haircut
but was not admitted after repeatedly ringing the bell


Anonymous said...

The nabe is sliding.

Anonymous said...

And that illegal plastic 6 foot fence on the northeast corner of 164 and Crocheron has not completely been taken down.

What a klassy neighborhood this is becoming.

I think I'm gonna move to Great Neck.