Thursday, August 23, 2012

Douglaston fire home had lots of issues

From the Queens Courier:

A Douglaston home under renovation, ravaged last week by a three-alarm fire, had incurred a laundry list of complaints and racked up thousands of dollars in violations, according to city agencies.

The 39-12 Douglaston Parkway dwelling received 44 complaints since March 2008 from callers saying the ongoing construction work being done at the site exceeded the scope of the approved permit, according to the city’s Department of Buildings (DOB).

All complaints were listed as closed, according to the agency, but homeowner David Wei Huang was also pinned for two violations from the DOB and 17 from the Environmental Control Board (ECB). Of those violations, nine were still outstanding, according to the DOB, and were related to the ongoing construction.

Huang was issued a $2,500 fine when construction at the site was found not to be in compliance with approved plans and another $1,200 for failing to safeguard the public and his property. There were other violations for working with an expired permit, the DOB said.


Anonymous said...

What is it with Asians and nto following building codes/zoning laws???

90% of these articles has a Chinese name right in the middle of it.

What is wrong with them????

Anonymous said...

So where the f--k was the DOB....with their thumbs up their asses as usual?

Enforcement in his borough is out of control!

Orientals , especially, can skirt the law repeatedly with immunity!

Anonymous said...

Asiatics give lots of money to political campaigns.

Nobody wants to offend them by enforcing the law.
Then the well will run dry.

So these law breaking Orientals get away with murder.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the ol' "C&C" once again.

Chinese and corruption seem to always
go hand in hand!

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing this "Queens Crap"
all over North Flushing. The DOB is not doing it's job of enforcing building codes. Race has nothing to do with it. It's all about the Almighty Buck.

Anonymous said...'s mostly all about the ZONING, fella.

Put your reading glasses on.

Uh...and an awful lot of the egregious law breaking in the North East has been perpetrated by CHINESE developers.

As far as North Flushing is concerned...
the southeast corner of 163rd Street and 35th Ave.
had a single family home torn down by a CHINESE developer who thought he could put up two houses in its place.

He can't because it violates the zoning.
It appears as if he was also a contributer to
embattled John Liu's campaign.

Anonymous said...

In this case, the blame lies on Dan Halloran. This area is calendared to be landmarked. But when Dan took office, he told the LPC "over my dead body." No landmarking = permit for extension = construction that caused fire.

Anonymous said...

That end of Douglaston is becoming a crap hole fast.

You gotta be in "The Manor" to be protected.

Then there's that section 8 apartment building on Douglaston Parkway that's adding to the problems of the area.

A lot of Douglaston's olde tymers have since moved on.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed...
that goofy tea party Libertarian Dan Halloran is more than just a thorn in our sides.
He's a saber through the heart of this community!


Let him get drunk on beer and booze instead of power!
He can return to his Mineola ambulance chasing law practice.

The ONLY reason that hollerin' Dan ever won his seat was that nobody wanted that shady Ackerman Stooge Kevin Kim in city hall.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...'s mostly all about the ZONING, fella.

Put your reading glasses on.

Uh...and an awful lot of the egregious law breaking in the North East has been perpetrated by CHINESE developers."

There are plenty of laws on the books right now that are not being enforced. Race has nothing tto do with it. Take off your racist colored glasses !