Friday, August 24, 2012

To bee or not to bee

From CBS New York:

Members of the New York City Beekeepers Association sealed up some 3 million bees in 45 hives at a home in Queens Wednesday night.

The bees apparently belong to a restaurant owner, who was a beekeeper in China. They were kept in a 20 by 20 space in his Corona driveway on 111th Street.

One member of the Beekeeper’s Association said the bees would be sealed and moved within the next few days. It’s not clear where they will be transported. If they stay sealed in the hives, they will die.

The city’s Health Department and police were also previously been at the scene, according to neighbors.

On Tuesday, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene may have also cited and fined the owner — who was not home at the time the bees were sealed up Wednesday night.

People who live nearby said they had grown fed up with all the neighborhood buzz. They said the bees have, at times, attacked by swarms.

While it is legal to keep bees in the city, they are supposed to be registered with the Health Department.

Video here.


O. B. Hayve said...

The city’s Health Department and police were also previously been at the scene, according to neighbors.

So it was a sting operation???

Anonymous said...

Who was he selling his honey to?

Anonymous said...

Bees, be good for pollenating crops...
but some of the sons of Bs we have in Queens deserve jail terms!

Then there are those aggressive Queen bees like "granny" Shulman, who was Donald Manes' partner... who should be in a federal lock up for
crimes and misdemeanors regarding the Willets Point boondoggle. .

Anonymous said...

Bees may be neat but as they expand they will become a public menace.

Swarms increasingly will attack pets and people.

Another one of the mayor's harebrained ideas.

Anonymous said...

Must've been a buzzkill for the owner.

Anonymous said...

why is it that asians can never understand they have to follow building and health codes? what is it that they dont get?

Anonymous said...

3 million bees - what could possibly go wrong here?

Queens has always had a different buzz.

Anonymous said...

yet another typical home business run by an illegal immigrant. The law doesn't apply to them. Royal Jelly is real big in Asian communities.

Fern Ellen Cohen said...

And the latest update is that they found more hives at this guy's sushi restaurant.
Bee roll? crunchy! ugh!

Anonymous said...

Love how he didn't know about any health rules or violations, but knew how to make money selling the honey. He also doesn't speak English, yet has been in America for years. I think that's the bigger problem. Vibrant and Diverse!