Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raging Douglaston inferno

A calendared property in Douglaston with a whole lot of DOB complaints and owned by a guy named Huang went up in flames last night and will likely be demolished.


Ned said...

It was likely torched because they couldn't do anything they want and the violations were to expensive to reverse.
Now another fugly box with plastic bowling pins and lions will be slapped up in its place.

Anonymous said...

one wonders if the $17,000. in ecb/dob fines will be dismissed, like many other asian properties in violation in Queens ?

Anonymous said...

the same thing happened at Main St /Sanford Avenue in the 1970's , when the caucasian storeowners would not sell , and then a Chinese Bank was born.

Anonymous said...

Owned by Huang...Tommy Huang's family?

Maybe Tommy "the torch" struck again.
A new case of Chinese lightning? LOL!

The "Continental Fruit Market" fire, Main St. Flushing...
about 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a section 8 apartment building
located not too far from there?

It looks like prissy Douglaston is sure going downhill...
following in the footsteps of Flushing.

And those snooty head-in-the-sand residents
thought that they were immune from such things.

Anonymous said...

Very attractive American-style
houses on this block. It will kill the block to put up a McMansion.

Google Maps

Anonymous said...

Simply put, the rules don't seem to apply to the Asian developers/builders/contractors.