Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Open tix nixed

From the NY Post:

The US Tennis Association yanked all invitations to elected city officials and city employees last week because the Conflict of Interest Board quietly ruled that they can’t accept the freebies, The Post has learned.

The perk — doled out for decades — usually lands officials in choice seats for whatever match they choose.

This ethics volley came after The Post first reported this month that state lawmakers had to ditch their complimentary tickets.

The state Ethics Commission nixed the perk after state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens) called the practice to light.

USTA officials declined to comment yesterday and refused to release the brief letter they sent city lawmakers and employees on Friday.

But good-government advocates hailed the end of string-pulling for city pols.

“I think that privileges given to elected officials similar to these free tickets are out of line,” said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause New York.

“If an elected official wants to go, they should pay their way.”


Anonymous said...

Good try but it stops nothing.
All the crooks will now exit taxpayer limos under the stadium and be handed laminated VIP lanyards (different colors for different levels VIP. Its then up the elevator to view & booze it up in private. This would be up in the privacy glass hospitality booths.
Robert Moses was a head of the game to keep his nose clean with a like scam going at the NYS Pavilion 46 years ago. Moses private front was called "Spankys" on the lower observation tower.
Many NYC politicians and park employees had private orgies, strippers and lap dancing up there.
Tin condom wrappers and Polaroid SX-70 film shells were found in the early 70's when a roller rink operator had access to the tower.

BTW: They beat the hell out of him and drowned his dog in the lake when he complained about all the union corruption, $1000 trash can tipping, payola, after hours gambling and orgies going on. ---They almost killed him!
Why would things be different at and stadium or Hall in Corona Park today, all these polititions in office are WORSE then NYC's Moses/Lindsay regeme of terror

Anonymous said...

"refused to release the brief letter they sent city lawmakers and employees"
Translation: "Come around to the rear gate below the stadium with your guests and this letter"

Do these people really think the general public is that stupid ?

Anonymous said...

Go Tony!!!! We need more pols with a conscience.

Anonymous said...

What about the (alleged) freebie tickets that CB# 7's district manager...Marilyin Bitterman's husband...Jack Bitterman has gotten from the USTA...according to local scuttlebutt?

Is he still getting them?

Did he ever?
If so....why?

It appears that the Bittermans have racked up a lot of perks over the years...according to what's being said in some circles.

Was Wellington Chen one particular benefactor?

Anonymous said...

Pay for your own tickets
You can well afford to with the generous salary we taxpayers pay you.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
What about the (alleged) freebie tickets that CB# 7's district manager...Marilyin Bitterman's husband...Jack Bitterman has gotten from the USTA...according to local scuttlebutt?"
--- --- - - ----
Did anyone else from CB7 get freebies?

Anonymous said...

Again, the excess of the pols is a function of the public's fawning behavior every time one of these jokers walks into a room.

Sure it gets a photo on page 6 of the Tribune, sure it gets money to cover a mailing or two.

But it communicates a total lack of self esteem by the public too stupid to understand that Joe's Boys are there for you - and on YOUR ticket.

Imagine if Lincoln Center was in Queens. On opening night your would have the like of Toby and Peter and Gary yacking center stage while Zubin Mehta cools his heals stage far left.

Anonymous said...

Crappy, I know a line editor down there in one of the video trailers.
All your Queens and NYC politicians have been showing up with security escorts and different color VIP and PRESS passes. It appears these passes are being issued from the press gate.
---They are not using official tickets with seat numbers described in the new law.
Perhaps that loophole was placed on purpose.

Bugleg said...

Can't wait to see if the press angle is true--cause we are gonna get pictures of politicians going in if it is.

Anonymous said...

Avella is at it once again...
grandstanding to divert our attention away
from what he's not accomplished up in Albany.

Not to worry Tony...
if you don't get re-elected,
we're sure that Toby Ann will find you a job
with the Parkside Group.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 10:

Why do you keep going on about Avella on this matter? You lose out on tickets?

Anonymous said...

Avella turned down the tickets and got the whistle blown on the whole corrupt practice that USTA was using to influence electeds for decades to do their bidding.

What the hell is wrong with that?

Joe said...

Avella's hammer also takes the "laundered payola" right out of this scam and that was also part of the laws intent.
You can bet A good half of these prime seats were being re-sold sold via "indie" ticket brokers in upwards of $1000 - $10,000 dollars especially for finals.
You have countless numbers of wealthy tennis assholes and entertainment industry types like Ashton Kutcher that will pay that kind of money just for 3 seconds on global TV.
No point in making politician crooks richer, Avella did good.

Anonymous said...

Why go on about Avella?

Because, basically, Avella is selling snake oil to terminal patients who are desperate for a real cure!

These kind of well meaning but ineffectual politicians are more dangerous than the crooked variety.

They sap the strength that voters need to fend for themselves by offering miracle cures to them.

There are no such cures!

There is ONLY the opportunity to VOTE FOR candidates who can actually GET THINGS DONE!

Unfortunately, for all of Avella's good intentions, his record amounts to zilch!

Why continue to constantly defend Avella, I might ask you...unless you're his campaign manager, perhaps?

Queens Crapper said...

Who got the US Open tickets pulled from the tweeders?


I guess he did get something done.

Anonymous said...

OK, score one for Tony.

Small victory though...compared to the other more expensive battles lost.