Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Residents wary of Far Rockaway hotel

From the Daily News:

A planned six-story hotel in Edgemere is raising the hackles of local homeowners who worry it will put the brakes on the neighborhood’s hard-fought revival.

The once-troubled Rockaway urban renewal area has turned a corner in recent years as new homes spring up, young families establish roots and the city invests in roads, sewers and other infrastructure.

Amritpal Sandhu, who owns the property, told the Daily News on Friday that the hotel will be part of the La Quinta Inn chain and cater to airline personnel and travellers from nearby JFK Airport.

He shot down chatter that the hotel could be used as a halfway house or homeless shelter.

“We will have a shuttle to JFK for visitors and crew,” he said. “People who want to go see Manhattan can stay here and instead of paying $300 a room they will pay $150.”

But officials were still wary of the hotel, saying it may not fit into the larger Edgemere Urban Renewal Plan, first created in the late 1990s.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall said her office, which has received complaints about the hotel, is examining whether it is appropriate for the area.

And Community Board 14 has asked several city agencies to investigate whether the hotel proposal is allowed under building, zoning and planning regulations.


Anonymous said...


Far rock... HAHHAHAHA, have fun.

Anonymous said...

It now appears that HPD was required to buy that property under the Edgemere plan but did not