Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whitestone truck problem continues

As you can see, the problems on 5th avenue continue. Between the onslaught of cars, speeding cars, cars that blow through the stop sign on the corner of 147th street, cars that speed around a slower moving car that is actually following the speed limit, cars that speed around you onto oncoming traffic if you dare stop at the stop sign.

Then you have this, trucks and tractor trailers, all day every day. According to Department of Transportation Commissioner Maura McCarthy, this is a mere inconvenience. In other words if SHE doesn't consider it a danger than the residents need to love with it? Or it isn't a quality of life issue that negatively affects the residents/taxpayers on the block?

How much longer do we have to wait?

What are they waiting for?

Last year it was a fire hydrant and a diesel spill that requires DEP as well as other agencies to clean it up. Do we have to wait for a tragedy ?

What's the quota commissioner?

Alfredo Centola
Malba Gardens Civic


Anonymous said...

This is a special problem? We on 80th street have signs everywhere that say No Truck route. Since those signs were installed years ago - there are significantly more trucks and worse some of the biggest double-tractor trailers private carters etc roll well above 30 miles an hour. NO ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAWS IN THE USA!THE RULE OF LAW IS DEAD HERE!

Anonymous said...

I live around the corner on 6th and will not walk with them around the block to 5th because it is so bad. My kids have friends on that block and want to go visit almost every day I won't let them. It's a danger just to walk around the block.

Anonymous said...

To add: Note the sloppy job patching that fill.
Who the hell is signing off on these hole closings Stevie Wonder ?
..First snow and freeze that streets gonna start falling apart and lookng like the moon craters of Willets point

Anonymous said...

Problem is your community board members are too busy making money on printing deals, real estate deals, brownfield cleanups , U.S. open tickets, so on and so forth, to give a crap about you and or your neighbors.

You guys have been sold ou! And until y'all wake up! Well y'all is done!

Anonymous said...

where's our valiant crusader Tony Avella?
Isn't he going to hold another one
of his useless press conferences?

They're useful to him though...
in furthering his political career!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Avellas a useless media hog as well. Not one elected in this area has ever really done anything for the people that live there.

Joe said...

These people are not getting angry enough and forget they are dealing with backstabbing pigs. Many who are friends of the mayor and cant be trusted.
They need to get together groups of 20+ people and start making big scenes in front these politicians homes and offices. Keep it legal so the police cant arrest you.
"Talk" don't work
Only when the reporters and TV cameras start showing up will something be done.
Politicians hate bad publicity and being "probed" by professional reporters and news team investigators. I know this for a fact having worked at the original GE-NBC.

Anonymous said...

Joe is right these people should set up and drive around Kelly's house one weekend appellans house another bitter mans yet another McCarthys at least twice a week and Hallorans bar Avellas latest press release Israel's next service and so on and so forth

Anonymous said...

Take to the streets residents!
Your elected officials are useless!

Anonymous said...

It seems the NYPD has a culture that discourages ticketing truckers. . . just TRY to get enforcement of the 52' rule! Meanwhile, our local community board, which spreads across some very, very nice neighborhoods and other "distressed socio-economic" areas with familities and heavy industrial, responds to requests for action by callin people job-killers. Meanwhile, our mayor and the EDC is pushing for industrial business zones which, if effective, will increase the amount of truck traffic tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Can't we please have height barriers to smash such truck when they invade our nabe?

Anonymous said...

caveat not buy a house near a public school,college/university, hospital,nursing home, daycare center ,shopping mall,tunnel and ......BRIDGE.

the government can not enforce their laws. even tony can not police all of it.

Anonymous said...

So if the government can't enforce their laws, th people need to accept less?

Ned said...

Carefully look at the lettering on the truck in the first photo.
It has seafood ICONS of fish, lobsters and crab on the top yet no refrigeration, no ice shoots or drains, no usable ID or magnetic door information.
Where the F_ck are the police and DHS to even let that into New York let alone Queens ?

Odds are what you have there is another truck carrying counterfeit goods, contraband (maybe even flesh-trade) from the NJ docks to some boiler room operation in Flushing or Bayside