Sunday, August 19, 2012

Avella wants City to pay for tree root damage

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From CBS New York:

St. Sen. Tony Avella (D-11) is urging the New York City Parks Department to foot the bill for replacing broken sewer lines penetrated by the roots of city-owned trees.

He said the city has been avoiding responsibility for the damage to the pipes and to homeowners’ basements.

“Their response has always been ‘Tree roots cannot possibly break the pipes. They have to be damaged to begin with.’ And clearly that is not the case,” Avella told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb. “I’ve actually spoken to arborists, who, you know, deal with trees on a professional basis, and they say ‘Of course tree roots can break pipes.’”

“Any of your listeners, you know, walking in the city of New York can see how tree roots uproot concrete sidewalks,” he added.

Avella said it’s unfair for the city to tell homeowners it’s their responsibility, adding that the cost of replacing the pipe could be $10,000 depending on where the break is.


Anonymous said...

Another photo op crusade, Tony?
Lot's 'o luck.

But keep on muggin' for the cameras.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you're a New York State Senator.

And this is a matter for the city to take up,
ain't it?

What has the freshman senator accomplished
on the state level lately ?

Anonymous said...

Avella for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Anon # 2 said: "What has the freshman senator accomplished
on the state level lately ?"
- -----
Well, Tony has just turned down USTA freebies.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

More than what the City Council Member for this area has been accomplishing.

Anonymous said...

Tony is able to bring publicity for the person getting the run-around from the city, as well as for himself - nothing wrong with that, especially if the Councilmember hasn't done anything.

The City has always said that the sewer pipe must have had a hole, which attracts tree roots to the water. If no leakage, then the tree roots don't bother the pipes. Sounds specious.

Anonymous said...

More than what the City Council Member for this area has been accomplishing
I agree,Who cares about photo ops. At least Senator Avella is out there.
I didn't vote for him last time but he's got my vote.

Joe said...

Most of these old sewer pipes are asphalt, roots can grow straight threw them.
What usually happens the pipes become restricted followed by the home owner rotor rootering them with a large hook. The rooter will rips back a piece of root and it is at the point the pipe is collapsed or completely ripped apart. Then your screwed and need a $3K to $5K job

Anonymous said...

remember to "ROOT" for tony in november....

Anonymous said...

But Avella accomplished precious LITTLE
while he was a NYC councilman.

That's the point.

He's all about grandstanding with NO change
change delivered.

Tony is a career politician.

What else is he suited for?

Anonymous said...

Somebody's devoted to kissing Avella's butt.

RU expecting to land a job with his office?

Anonymous said...

And Halloran is busy flying to Isreal in order to get elected to Congress.

At least avella is focusing on the community he was elected to represent tp, not the one he hopes to represent.

Anonymous said...

Focus or out of focus?

Avella hasn't accomplished squat that anyone can see to improve "the community" since his days at the Community Assistance Unit.

Once again....Tony is a career politician that nobody has paid much attention to either in the city council or currently in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tony....
although well meaning and with a good heart....
he never had any real power.

He probably never will get any.

Avella walks the halls of government taking pot shots at this and that.

But like a cop walking a beat with an empty gun...
he can never be taken seriously...except by his desperate constituents who have nobody else to turn to.

Anonymous said...

I like Tony Avella. I feel he's cracked down on bad behavior instead of pandering to it like those successful tenant advocates. he speaks to the frustration of those who aren't rich but are behaving themselves and aren't social parasites.