Monday, August 13, 2012

Tweeders can't get free US Open tix

From the NY Post:

State lawmakers must ditch their luxury seats to this year’s US Open after an ethics panel nixed the freebie, The Post has learned.

The Legislature’s Ethics Commission told the US Tennis Association to rescind invitations to legislators after state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens) questioned whether he was even allowed to attend the sporting event in Flushing and sit in the USTA’s ritzy President’s Suite, which boasts an open bar and great views of the action.

“It’s inappropriate. It’s one thing to invite elected officials to maybe an opening ceremony, but it’s another thing to invite an elected official to sit in the President’s Box,” Avella (right) said.

“That’s something that would cost hundreds of dollars for the average person, easy. The elected officials should know enough to realize this is inappropriate.”

Now city lawmakers who have long enjoyed the perk — including Queens members of the City Council and Council Speaker Christine Quinn — are awaiting a decision from the city Conflicts of Interest Board on whether they can attend the event this year for free.


Anonymous said...

Good for Tony! He's got (tennis) balls and is making a racket on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Do those guys from CB7 who approved the Flushing Meadows Park giveaway to the USTA, get freebies?

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Open Tennis facility will soon have competition. I just heard on the news that the city is continuing to push for a soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

Oh the traffic insanity!

John Ottulich said...


My compliments.

John Ottulich

Anonymous said...

Now that sure is going to get Tony any invites to Holiday Parites by his fellow electeds!

Anonymous said...

Who's is paying for Hallorans trip to Isreal? Now that he is trying to buy his congressional seat with district 19 constituent money!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Tony! Bloomberg can pay for the tickets for Quinn and the rest of his toadies.

Joe said...

""That’s something that would cost hundreds of dollars for the average person, easy"

Bullshit !
More like $3,500 and that was 1985prices. I know I was a 2 week security/bodyguard for Garrison at the time. It was nothing but politicians going up to the suite.

Get this!!
They would show me there tickets to "go upstairs" then come back down somehow sell the tickets and passes then want to come back in with no ticket, them make a huge scene screaming bloody murder "you don’t know ho I am". My boss was part owner of the security company (Garrison)was a NYC cop, (all the bosses were cops)would then scold and threaten to give me an 8 hr shift in the bathroom for asking any people who left and re-entered to see tickets or passes a 2nd time.
...Many who "worked out" would get to sit or stay with people like Jimmy Connors playboy wife, some hot Anna Kournakova like to the cafateria, dinner tent etc.

It was all TOTAL payola, bribery and $$ laundering. Those politicians and handlers would have new tickets to sell everyday for 2 weeks.
Mr. Avella is 100% correct...And it’s been going on for years!
I hope he reads this to get an understanding of how the payola part of the scheme worked


Anonymous said...

Could we possibly get a list of all the politicans who have or were receiving tickets because of their position?

Then we make sure we dont ever vote for them agian.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Saint Tony wonderful??
I can almost see the halo hovering over his head.

Anonymous said...

The party clubhouse is gonna hate Tony for this. But the voters will love him. Sorry, but in our county, County is still in charge.

Anonymous said...

"press conference" Avella will do anything to keep his mug in the media...even cut his own throat.

Anonymous said...

That's not a halo.

It's a Roman Laurel wreath..
but made up of clubhouse greenbacks.

Joe Crowley, himself, hot-glued it to Tony's pate.

The clubhouse DO CERTAINLY
rule Queens crooked roost and that ain't never gonna change!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 12: It's called doing the right thing. What would you say if he kept his mouth shut about this?

Anonymous said...

I want front row seats to watch the staviskys get thrown out of north queens.

Good Job JOHN MESSER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony's all talk and talk is cheap.

As far as his accomplishments go...uh...what exactly are they?

What bills has he gotten past...
in the city council or state legislature?

He must hold the record on intros...
but bills that we can see.

And, bub, we elect a representative to get bills passed...not to hold onto Toby Stavisky's apron strings.

Anonymous said...

My bad...spelling error...bills PASSED not past.

Joe said...

Bill passing means nothing..the USTA can simply reserve some "private booths" then print up laminated VIP passes with no specific names on them.
Is likely being done right now, all the crooks will still party.

Anyone know if the Unisphere fountains are on yet ? I want to go see them before all the local FMCP local "vibrant & diverse" spit, pee and put feet in the water.
I'm not big on breathing viral air and catching airborn 3rd world diseases.
What you have there is the worlds largest viral carburetor

Anonymous said...

A bit of a conflict wouldn't think?