Friday, August 24, 2012

Because breakfast in the cafeteria is not good enough...

From NY1:

On Wednesday, the City Council took a stand on free school breakfasts. Lawmakers want to make it mandatory in every classroom. It's now available in the cafeteria.

It's something that the Bloomberg administration has no appetite for. They contend the requirement might lead to childhood obesity, as some kids might have the day's most important meal twice.

What the hell is the need for breakfast in the classroom? Is the cafeteria not good enough? Are we going to foot the bill for extra pest control? Will teachers now add garbage collection to their résumés? Doesn't food in the classroom district from learning?


Anonymous said...

But it's the most important meal of the day!

We don't need no stinkin' cafeteria.

When I was a kid, my Mom made breakfast. What a novel idea!

Anonymous said...

And who is supposed to be overseeing the children as they eat the breakfast?

Is this going to be another duty or should I say another babysitting duty of the teacher?

Won't this take time away from instruction?

Or other students expected to come to class early

Anonymous said...

They want to make breakfast mandatory because some parents aren't feeding their children themselves.

Parents who do take care of their children actually want to be the ones to choose and provide what they eat.

They need to give preference to the latter and accommodate the former. The problem with our schools is that parents abdicate to them. Parents need to be parents; not the school.

Anonymous said...


Spilled food in the classroom leads to more janitorial cleanups....more janitorial overtime....more taxpayer money wasted.

AND....more rats!

The NYC public school program is beginning to resemble a day care system more than an educational system.

Enough with political pandering!

Let the kids brown bag their own empinadas, chow fun, etc. if need be.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a lot of these kids
don't even know who their moms or dads are.

Most ghetto kids are raised by their grandmas.

then she can pack the snacks.

Anonymous said...

We'll be wiping their ass soon enough.
This is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

This will cost us $millions.
The food vendors are going to have a field day ripping off the city on this one.

Anonymous said...

But what about the bodegueros? Who ever will buy their Little Debbie cakes,quarter waters and other wholesome ghetto snacks? At least the 99 cent stores can sell more glue traps for the mice and roaches that will be sure to feast on the crumbs the little burrito layers leave!

Anonymous said...

Let's hire some folk to spoon feed these kids and then wipe their asses for them too................

Anonymous said...

No matter the public comments, you can rest assured that Mikey's got his hand in the till on this one,too.

Anonymous said...

I ate at home so can these kids. Don't have kids if you can't raise or feed them. Or for those liberals with abortion informatio to address this - do so - isin't this what it's all about?

Anonymous said...

We need more orphanage type facilities,
so that kids can be seized from their crack head mothers and absentee fathers.

They would be given a far better chance in life there
than they'd ever get at "home".

"Gee mom, we've got an awful lot of uncles
in our family. From who's side is this one".

Charley the Bully said...


Breakfast money and lunch money?


Anonymous said...

Out: students. In: smelly herd of entitlement cattle.

Why teach them? Just feed them, pump up your entitlement demand, and make sure they don't bite each other!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of crap to me. free up the breakfast money so crackhead Mommy and Daddy can get more crack.

Anonymous said...

With this moronic city council it's time for the middle class to exit stage right.

Anonymous said...

one wonders why the nyc council members who favor feeding the starving tots in the classroom are not specified in the Q.C post and ny1 article?

will some media reporter do their job?

could it have something to do with elections ?

how did the QueensCM delegation stand on this issue ?

i think the teachers should cater the breakfast to each starving pupils home and spoon feed to the kids manage to get to school when they are so hungry that they can not reach the cafeteria?

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough in the classroom right now with students too lazy to make their way to the classroom trashcan leaving their empty bottles on windowsills or on the floor, wrappers stuffed in desks and lockers, crumbs all over the floor and spending 20 minutes of a 43 minute period "eating breakfast". This is the REAL situation, not just hyperbole. And yes, there are roaches and rodents everywhere this exists. Can you imagine the condition of classrooms after "breakfast" for the classes the rest of the day? Would you like your kids to sit in a classroom full of litter and food refuse while vermin skitter over their shoes? And, BTW, the budget for school custodians has been cut WAY back, with many schools only cleaning every other day. Can you imagine the filth that sanctioned "breakfast in the classroom" will generate?

This is Bloomberg's "nanny state", where no one has personal responsibility. And a continuation of his plan to destroy public schools so his millionaire buddies can inherit the then-closed school as a money-making charter school.