Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hookers and Hypocrites

Letter to the Editor (Queens Chronicle):

Dear Editor:

Recently I have been discussing with Forest Hills residents the efforts to remove the beautiful statue “Civic Virtue” from Kew Gardens and banish it to a cemetery.

Two pals pointed out letters written in another community newspaper by people in favor of the move. One was a female lawyer, another the founder of the Center for the Women of New York.

The reason I had not come across these letters myself is that I refuse to read this particular publication. Why? A brief glance at the ads in the back of the newspaper is enough to shock and nauseate most women. They are fronts for prostitution in the guise of escort services, party girls and massage parlors. Most advertise Asian women, who might be here illegally and against their will, to perform these services.

It is laughable that these two Queens women are outraged about a statue of mythical beings, yet would allow their letters to be published in an anti-woman newspaper.

Talk about the height of hypocrisy.

Arlene Fava
Forest Hills


James Madison Schenkler said...

My dear Ms Fava. That newspaper you are referring to is not "anti-woman". It is a champion of free speech - via whore advertisements. The logic is so simple.

Anonymous said...

Go get them girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that when I see that paper placed next to the other Queens weeklies, it's stack is much higher.

I think that people are voting against the content by not reading the paper.

Once the advertisers realize that the paper is being boycotted, then they will do the same.

It will then only be a matter of time before change happens.

Anonymous said...

Jawin is a phony old battle ax.
She's sucked up to the Queens machine for so long that her lips will freeze soon.

That's why she can get free digs at boro hall until
(if ever) she gets her Ft. Totten digs.

Anonymous said...

"who might be here illegally and against their will"

Or they could be here illegally (or even legally) and performing services of their own volition.

These agencies could very well be owned or run by women, and some of the women working might be well paid independent contractors. There might even be competition between workers to work for the better agencies.

Offering adult services does not necessarily equate to "anti-woman".

Anonymous said...

Offering adult services is illegal regardless.

Anonymous said...

Fine, but there is a world of difference between illegal and anti-woman.

Queens Crapper said...

It is anti-woman because it makes them sex objects and nothing more than receptacles. Just because it is done willingly doesn't mean it isn't demeaning. And we know that many of those ads are done by traffickers who are not using willing participants.

Anonymous said...

Next time you open up your mouth to say these kinds of ads are OK...or these women are doing what they do willingly....imagine that you are opening it up to perform oral sex on a paying client.