Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yes, they are being serious

More proposed landmarks not in Queens. This is 511-513 Grand Street in Manhattan. Despite having been heavily altered, LPC believes they are important examples of federal style architecture and must be designated.
And here is part of the ugly former Eberhard Faber Pencil factory in Brooklyn. This is a proposed historic district. Got plenty of these types of buildings in LIC and no one is calling for them to be saved.

Yes, let's save this crap while we allow St. Saviour's, the Klein Farm, the Trylon Theater, Old Astoria and Richmond Hill to be jackhammered into oblivion.

Time to overturn the landmarks law.

Photos from LPC.


Anonymous said...

Wow, its about time you said it crappy.

I am not upset with the polticians and developers, the passive public created a vacuum they are only to happy to fill.

The problem is our preservation leadership in Queens. They too have created a vacuum - and they have to be replaced. The first step is to remove the law.

Let's do it....

Anonymous said...

These are strictly run of the mill examples ..... a dime a dozen !

But LPC's favorite "darlings" (who obviously have a cozy arrangement with "the Commission") will make sure that these buildings will attain Landmark status, because the are located in boroughs that have clout !

If the Queens preservation community (its various assortment of "hysterical societies") had grown a pair instead of running away from their own shadows, we might see some more landmarks designated in our borough !

And let's not forget.....if we had a borough president who favored historic preservation in Queens instead of being unabashedly in the developers' pockets, we wouldn't have already lost so many landmark worthy sites !

The ghost of Donald Manes still occupies Borough Hall !

Anonymous said...

I think we have seen enough. I am tired when the commissioners d*ck abound with us, and more p*ssed then ever cause the preservation community fully knows what is happening and has not the slightest desire to change things.

Open question to all you developers that are trolling this blog: which one of you are interested in seeing the landmarks law struck from the books?

You now have our support.

Anonymous said...

So what was your point with the pencil factory? You called it "ugly," which makes me think you would be in favor of altering or developing it into something better, but then you said that LIC has many buildings like it that are not getting landmarked, which makes me think you want it preserved as is. Why do you want to preserve ugly buildings just because Brooklyn might landmark one?

Anonymous said...

The LPC is NOT serving
all neighborhoods EQUALLY!

Nor, has it been properly serving either the real estate developers or the historic preservation community in Queens !

Has it now become time for this existing law to be amended or, perhaps, even struck down and then re-written?

If ( i.e.) The Ciampa Org. , Cord Meyer, TDC, Muss Development etc.are perusing this blog site......

We invite them to set up a meeting with others in the development business to be co-attended by those of us in the historic preservation field who are fed up with the way that the Landmarks Law has been treating both sides!

Let's face it, it AIN'T working for either of us
and it's time for a truce and some serious discussion on just how the municipal Landmarks Law can be changed, or if necessary, abolished and start again from scratch!

Together we can break the backs of the sluggish LPC and their snooty attitude towards a realistic balance of development and preservation in NYC !

If you're interested, post an ad in the next 2 issues of the legal notices of the Queens Tribune (or on this site) .

We're serious about this !

Anonymous said...

Why should we preserve the Eberhard Faber and Domino factories? They left our city. They do not deserve to be honored.

Anonymous said...

Whether the Faber or Domino sites are preserved or torn down it will make no difference to middle class people looking for truly affordable housing in NYC.

These waterfront view sites will quickly become condos for the wealthy !

Maybe the Suna brothers already have their bids in to buy these properties !

H-m-m-m....remember the old song lyric......."by the light of the silvery (SILVERCUP) moon...."!

Queens Crapper said...

"Why do you want to preserve ugly buildings just because Brooklyn might landmark one?"

I am not in favor of landmarking these buildings. I am in favor of overturning the landmarks law because it is discriminatory based on borough, class and race.