Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Park Watchdog barks at Bloomie

As we are currently being bombarded by a mayoral campaign of transforming the city into an environmental paradise by 2030,today in the reality of 2007 that very same administration sees nothing wrong with transforming an existing urban oasis into an environmental disaster.

Parked cars flushing away beauty of our largest park

I refer to the ongoing practice by the city of herding automobiles, not just by the hundreds but by the thousands, onto grassland in the park during games at Shea Stadium and matches at the U.S. Open. These cars are directed into the park by NYPD officers onto roadways through the park that are meant for joggers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

We demand immediate answers to these questions and an immediate stop to the ecological rape of this park. Can one even imagine being allowed to park your car on the Sheep Meadow or Great Lawn of Central Park in Manhattan or in Prospect Park in Brooklyn? You'd be towed, fined and arrested. Why is Flushing Meadows-Corona different? Because it's in Queens? Because it's more convenient to just use the park as a dumping ground rather than demand that the millionaires constructing mega-stadiums in the park provide adequate parking?

No Parking On Grass At Flushing Meadows

Parking on grass angers Flushing Meadows fans

Tell it like it is, Dave!

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

I would say that the difference between Flushing Meadows and Central or Prospect Parks is that FM has two major sporting venues and the others do not. It is great to say that the city should not use the parkland for temporary parking while Citi Field is being constructed, but do you have a reasonable alternative? We can't stop having Mets games or US Opens. As much as Bloomberg has publicly urged people to use public transportation, many people will drive to the events.

Anonymous said...

Not if there isn't parking, they won't drive more than once.

Seriously, there is more than sufficent mass transit to the venues. If folks choose not to use it, they can spend the game in gridlock.

Anonymous said...

The answer should not be: well use public transportation or don't come. The games and the US Open provide significant cultural and economic benefit to Queens. Your solution would cut attendance substantially and be more harmful than parking cars on grass. It is fine to criticize as long as you have a reasonable solution, which I haven't heard yet.

Anonymous said...

Here's the question: How much is Citibank paying the Commissar to promote the idea that parkland is for car parking so that the Mets or tennis events have plenty of paying spectators?

Think it through. This Commissar Dumberg is probably even more arrogant than a combination of Lindsay and Dinkens.

Anonymous said...

What's new.....Bloomy constantly in a contradiction of himself, but here's a solution:

Maybe Pinky can speak to the Mets to stop the car park....ing since he knows them well from his batting practice at Shea days.

Maybe Pinky can cut some trees somewhere for more parking space.

Maybe Pinky can get his fellow drunks to stay home and free up some parking spots.

Maybe Pinky can buy some parking spaces with all his campaign funds with no future office to run for.

Maybe Pinky can save some sexual favor money for parking.

Maybe he can use that under the table development money.

Maybe he can borrow money from his criminal friends.

Maybe he can stop using funds in attacking unpaid public servants for the parking problem.

Maybe he can be an honest advocate for the people......I only had two hours of sleep last night.

Maybe...............ah shucks, I'm tired and can't list the tireless contributions from the man they call Pinky.

Just pick one, Pinky, before you go to jail!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, include the Flushing Meadows group with Aida Gonzalez also in your targets.

These local hacks (like all these things are filled in Queens)stand accused by their silence.

Anonymous said...

Central park has its minions of millionaires (living in those ultra condos lining 5th Ave.) who consider it their back yard!

They wouldn't allow a tennis stadium to be built on hallowed Olmstead ground!

Mayor Dinkins, on the other hand, sold out FMCP land to the USTA who have continually abused their privileges !

Anonymous said...

The USTA Center is beautiful and it (along with the US Open) is one of the best things in Queens. Once they develop Willets Point, the area's reputation will improve dramatically.

Anonymous said...

This is still a PARK....you idiot and not to be considered a midway at Coney Island or any other entertainment venue !

We're for the protection of green space you pompous USTA pimp !