Friday, June 1, 2007

Time to Huang him

He's at it again. Well actually, he never really stopped now, did he?

More Construction Problems For Controversial Developer

Gas main broken at Huang site

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

How many times does this one man demolition derby have to endanger public safety before he's permanently banned from building "even an out-house" in New York City?

Ask the politicians, judges, city officials etc. who may be tied to him!

After all.....don't you think it's a little strange that while everybody is so eager to "hang Huang" so little has been done considering his past 20 year record of lawbreaking and criminal activity?

I guess that forcing the evacuation of two FDNY firehouses and now rupturing a live gas main (which could have taken out the whole block) doesn't constitute enough of a dangerous situation for city officials to finally take any real decisive action against Huang!

Doesn't it smell like somebody's in cahoots here? !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Bloomberg recently demonstrate his rage at developers like Huang by having a meeting with DOB Commissioner Lancaster?

Having a meeting certainly had Huang and other developers shivering in dread fear that Bloomberg had a meeting.

What courage! What a terrific managerial strategy! Having a meeting is a breathtaking show of resolve to fix DOB and rid the city of corrupt developers and DOB managers and inspectors.

See? Nobody posting comments on QC even thought to recommend a meeting! What do we little people know about managing a city?

Let's reverse term limits and have a lifetime of Bloomberg!

Anonymous said...

"Huang's latest problems with the city involve his ongoing construction at 39-39 223rd St. in Bayside. Last week, workers there failed to get a utility mark-off from Con Edison telling them where the lines were located, which caused a ruptured main gas line while installing dry wells."

I don't understand why this guy isn't in jail.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Year after year its the same story. This fellow's antics are getting a bit tiresome, and the lack of any real action against him by our 'leadership' is starting to wear on everyone.

How can we use this fellow as a club to bash the machine?

Anonymous said...

We have to remain steadfast about stopping this public enemy. We have to remind ourselves that they truly are a threat to society. They prove this over and over again by deliberately refusing to safeguard the public.

Behind the scenes much goes on that the public is not privy to. First hand exposure to the family and their cohorts is somewhat mind-boggling. Their way of doing business seems to defy logic. Their projects speak for themselves. What a legacy to carve out. It can't be about money can it. It could be about ego.

To date, it has been an exhausting process for many of us personally involved in working towards their demise. Much time, energy and money has been spent over the past several years. It is truly draining. Our accomplishments thus far have been disappoint-ing. But, we remain vigilant. We stay focused. We continue to reach out to our politicians and investigative agencies. At this crucial point in time, we have to take advantage of this most recent press coverage. We will continue to employ lawyers and consultants to assist us in achieving all of our long-term goals.

The City and politicians have failed us big time. The DOB is disfunctional. The Mayor has not seen fit to step int. It is said that their taking a hard look at all their projects. Supposedly, 40% are presently closed down. That is not good enough. Serious and immediate action must and should be taken. The criminality card needs to be played. It is not far-fetched to belief that a basis exists to get the ball rolling.

We, the public, are being deprived of enjoyment of our homes, a safe environment and peace and tranquility. The Mayor and Commissioners have not adequately responded to our crys. We have reached out to them many times. It is unconsciounable that they have not come to our aid. It has been said that the City is probably being sued by a number of individuals hurt by the family we disdain. It is logical to expect that there will undoubtedly be more to follow. We will pay the bill on that too. The DOB is suppose to be responsible for seeing that the building code and zoning regulations are enforced. It certainly has not been a priority. They seem to think that their time is better spent revising the Code. But will they see fit to enforce it? In many instances, it is obvious that this family's projects have blatantly violated these rules.

Even while this blitz of newspapers articles are being published and we continue to post on this website, it is not inconceivable to believe that this family continues to remain over-confident and, not surprisingly, arrogant. They're invincible. Are they not?

Anonymous said...

No one is immune forever to the public my friend.

With stuff like Crappie out there the grip the machine has on information is broken.

Anonymous said...

I would like to report that the DOB is in fact watching the 223rd Street site closely. The inspectors are on the spot after a complaint is called in. It's a start.

Anonymous said...

To A Family Affair:

Don't lose heart. Between the corrupt Huang, Bloomberg and DOB (plus the various officials, appointed and elected) who depend on the Huang payday, there appears to be a formidable force.

But the gang is nothing more than a band of weak-kneed crooks who have the local media lapdancing for access.

The trouble is that, like all corrupt schemers, they simply do not trust each other.

Target just one, focus on that one, and the bet on this: The targeted one will bring the rest down (or, better still, they'll start knocking each other off -"Family" style) [It's now officially OK to talk about them knocking each other off, since this sissy-boy Bloomberg does nothing about city council assassination.]

I recommend: Focus on the top. Bloomberg. He's too rich to be corrupt? Then you have to believe that he's content with the money he has.

Anonymous said...

There are those out there who have valiantly fought Huang and his ill-bred excuse for a family for well over 20 years now, in regards to the RKO Keith's Flushing theater!

We salute them for making Huang a household pariah! His name, at least,cannot slip beneath the radar as it did when he first started building!

As "a family affair" has stated.....there was plenty going on behind the scenes that resulted in Huang's previous conviction........consultation with lawyers, DOI, FBI etc. The case is, probably, still open!

Some of those involved in fighting Huang in the past were subject to personal physical injury, legal and death threats......the whole 9 yards!

It didn't stop them! This is not a job for the faint hearted! If you expect or want an easy'd best retire and go on vacation!
However, let me remind all that this is a worthy fight because every other Huang wanna-be is awaiting the final outcome.

Those RKO committee people etc. who fought Huang can attest to the fact that the City of New York (save DOI and a handful of officials) had little to do with convicting Huang! In fact, they were part of the problem.....and most likely, under his sphere of influence!

Although practically every elected official feigned their frenzied pursuit of lawbreaker Huang from the Mc Laughlin/ Stavisky camp on up through Claire Shulman's office etc......... it was the dedicated support of the community of individuals who teamed up to force our lazy (or corrupt) officials to do their jobs!

As a friend once reminded me, "There is no justice out there...... just us" !

My advice always.....FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL!

It's all about forensic accounting....that's what got results!

Continue......continue.....and continue to squeeze Huang's financial testicles until he (and his sons) are finally barred from building in and endangering our city!


Anonymous said...

DEATH threats????? Are you serious? Why is this bastard still walking the streets?

Anonymous said...

Yes....I'm serious ! Someone that I know, actually obtained an "order of protection" against Huang !

Anonymous said...

Huang rarely acts out, however, any of his more extreme threats .

He threatened to sue me about 10 years ago ! I told him to "Go right ahead" ! He never never did !

He's mostly all show and no blow .......
just a sneaky, lying coward....when he's stood up to !!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed. He is still busy with the same routine. It appears that the boys are been primed to follow in his footsteps. They have just recently sued a couple of us. It is far from amusing and oh so dumb. If it was meant to deter us, for get about it. It ain't gonna happen. See you in Court.

I guess we shouldn't stand too close to the excavations. Where is mama and Uncle John while all this is going on? Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Being sued is one thing; death threats and bodily harm are another. I’d be cautious in dealing with him. Most likely the Huang family is involved in the Taiwanese underworld, the so-called “secret society”. From what has been in the newspapers, those gangs are merciless. Be careful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your concern...... but I've got my own "family protection" plan and Huang knows this !

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me that former State Senator Emanuel Gold was hired by Huang to improve his image. WOW!!! Manny’s doing a bang up job!

Anonymous said...

Before Commissioner Masood was transferred to Brooklyn. Supposedly, so he could be closer to home. Huang was was hauling Archie Spigner to meetings with him. Archie was then a non-professional on Sheldon Lobel's staff. Presumably, he was doing some sort of consulting for the Huangs. I guess these guys all have their price. I am not sure what that was all about. It had to do with his 223rd Street disaster. At another point in time, he hired George Frangoulis to smooth things out at the same address. That didn't last too long either it seems.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang's a bipartisan guy! He got the money and that's fodder to a political pig!

I am surprised, but not shocked, that Rudy would allow a former staffer to work for Huang. My, times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Yes....Huang did hire Manny Gold, among many, as his legal counsel! (He also had Sid Davidoff on his payroll).

I was present at an LPC hearing regarding Huang's RKO Keith's property at which the "esteemed" Gold was presenting Tommy's case !

Anonymous said...

George Frangoulis, representing Mayor Giulianni's office, was present when a FDNY hazzardous materials unit (clad in white protective gear) entered the landmarked RKO Keith's theater to test for contamination!

Then turncoat George goes to work for Huang!

Anonymous said...

Huang's a piece if shit! AND so is anyone that works for him. Especially former pols and city, state or federal employees.

Watch......Ackerman will be on his payroll. That is, if Gary isn't already on it!