Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Queens bloggers tackling overdevelopment

The focus of their blogs is not crap. But they certainly recognize it when they see it.

This one comes to us from Steve, host of Queens Central:

"I’d like to throw my hat into the Queens Crap ring tonight with a little gem I spotted a couple of weeks ago on 113th Street around 76th Road but only got the chance to photograph this past weekend. It’s a brand-new Fedders special with the usual red brick and balconies. By and large, I don’t mind it that much — the builders even threw in some window detailing, hardly a given with these things. But what’s that leading up to the second-story entrance? More...

Over in Astoria, Joy laments the destruction of a once- beautiful part of the neighborhood: Oh, Astoria, Please Stop Changing

And in South Jamaica, The Progressive Southside wonders: "We see new homes built from scratch in just a matter of weeks. We see one family ranch-style or bungalow homes that are turned into 'Southeast Queens McMansions' ... We're striving for the American dream to own a home. But at what price?"


grvsmth said...

Stairs like the one in the top photo are a well-regarded (guess why!), but out of context this just looks cheap and ugly.

Anonymous said...

That middle example from Astoria replaced a 180 year old building, the Astoria Institute (ex parsonage of St George Church) , built by John Jacob Astor and the reason that the people of Hallets Cove renamed their community Astoria.

Its rumored that some graves may have been dispoiled to build it.

I wonder what the people that build it think of their community, and the legacy they are leaving its kids.

Anonymous said...

To the prev poster, its CB1, the community board from hell.

What do you expect?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It's CB #1 and the Dellis gang riding roughshod over history!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are no electrical blackouts or over development in the Astoria neighborhoods where D'Amico or Vallone live!