Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why is 911 so screwed up?

From the Daily News:

The city's top investigator isn’t sure if crooks or bunglers are to blame for the 911 system debacle.

“It’s premature now to tell whether we are going to find incompetence, misconduct, or some type of criminal activity,” Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters said Thursday at a City Council budget hearing.

Mayor de Blasio ordered the DOI probe and a 60-day halt to the overhaul of the 911 system, which has fallen years behind schedule and gone almost $1 billion over budget.


Anonymous said...

Are the CityTime consultants involved? Someone hired their inept friends to do the job. There are thousands of top-notch tech people in NYC - there's no excuse for this!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to isolate the stories about the 911 phone system scandal because the search terms overlap the 9/11/2001 scams and fraudulent claims by first responders.

Anonymous said...

911 is a classic example of centralized planning/control.

With modern technology, it's possible for each precinct to be able to have it's own 911 service.

While we're at it, let's decentralize 311.

No more hiding behind some faceless 3 digit phone number.

ron s said...

Relative to the question posed in the article, I think you'll find all three.

Anonymous said...

311 is even more screwed up. It is not even worth calling. You end up speaking with people who must have been recruited from DumbDumberDumbest Academy. They can't even speak a coherent sentence. They know NOTHING and must consult some handbook or pamphlet for the simplest question. And, you end up having to make 3 other calls to solve your problem anyway.

JQ said...

“It’s premature now to tell whether we are going to find incompetence, misconduct, or some type of criminal activity"

it would not have been if the press did not bow to mayor fun size.but look at all our basic services that had to be sacrificed for the good of technology.even shit that did not concern regular working people like the city payroll system aka citytime.

this is straight up criminal,but because of semantics you can't prosecute acts of incompetence or neglect.I think peters is afraid to go after bloomberg.that little prick,who runs a multimedia,digital empire would never hire lowlifes to modernize his payroll,broadcasts or websites.And if they tried to milk any of his precious billions and time,you bet he would have had his "top invesigator" write up indictments.