Sunday, May 18, 2014

Teens gone wild in South Ozone Park

From WPIX:

Stores along Rockaway Boulevard in South Ozone Park are being terrorized by teens from I.S. 226, the Virgil I. Grissom Junior High School.

We have video of one incident that occurred April 28. Dozens of marauding teens stormed into New Era Lumber looking for a classmate who sought refuge there.

According to her father, the schoolmates were after her because she’d refused to help them attack another girl. This is some situation, huh?


georgetheatheist said...

Why should 100 G's per year cops get involved? They're waiting for their 20 years and then big bucks pension.

Meanwhile storeowners and their employees get slugged in the face.

If the cops don't protect you, you've got to protect yourself and your property. The handwriting is on the wall. Are you so blind, you can't read it?

Anonymous said...

Ever been to Francis Lewis High - total Blackboard Jungle - those kids are disgusting animals. No wait - that's an insult to animals.

They're, to quote a friend, Third World ghetto slobs.

What a waste of taxpayer money. Why not just hire armed babysitters and let them do community service for 4 years?

I don't remember hearing kids scream "motherfucker" in the hallways when I went to HS - that's what you get at FLHS.

These kids should be caned! Bring back corporal punishment!

Anonymous said...

again, the media runs to city agencies and not the slouching loungers of city hall or albany.

so the local electeds and community board just focuses on development and photo ops with these kids and leave the dirty work of actually running the city to faceless agencies run by nameless paper pushers.

this is what happens when there is no accountability from your electeds. i have seen 'town hall' meetings where your electeds have enough commissioners and brass on the stage to run a small country - and to deflect any attention or accountability to anyone else and away from them.

we need community meetings with the electeds facing the community directly.

Anonymous said...

We need to bring back the Beat Cops !

JQ said...

the cops can't do nothing,because no windows were broken.The cops non-response over there(I think its the 106)is a disgrace.I hope they are not using the abolition of stop and frisk to justify their inaction.Minors my ass,this took place in south queens,the most ignored part of the boro because generation gentrification has not shown up yet.

this is straight up terrorism.Maybe it's hyperbolic because nothing exploded and no one died,but I think its apt when people group together like that with no regard for consequences and even the presence of cameras(which yet again,does not deter criminal behavior,so stop wasting your money).Having a gun probably won't help either,because a lot of these bastards are surely concealing and carrying.

I would like to exercise my second amendment right too,but the NRA are too irresponsible to support or even bookmark.

Captain Renault said...


Le Holligans!

Must be those unruly kids from the AP Physics class acting up again - kids with names like Chang, Patel, and Bronstein!



Anonymous said...

Escape From New York + Soylent Green= the real New York of today as brought to you by the wonderful politicians who should all be given the same treatment as Mussolini received in the end for their bright ideas.

Anonymous said...

The boots on the ground cop is in a lose/lose scenario. These are technically minors so the minute they put hands in them, parents/guardians whatever are screaming lawsuit. They look ineffective in the eyes of the business owners and community. And their own department will scrutinize any action to the point of policy paralysis. The parents and culture have created this disaster. I wonder how many of that group have an EBT card? Nothing like a sense of freeloading entitlement to add to the mix.

Anonymous said...

This is the seed of America's home-grown Boko Haram.

Snake Plissskin said...

Escape From New York + Soylent Green= the real New York of today as brought to you by the wonderful politicians who should all be given the same treatment as Mussolini received in the end for their bright ideas.

eh, someone call my name.

Naw, the politicians deserve the same treatment I gave the president in Escape from NY.

"You have to save the President, Snake"

"Yea? The president of what?"

Anonymous said...

Welcome to de-blasio's NY