Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tower people must settle for library van

From LIC Post:

The Queens Library will be starting a mobile library service in Hunters Point this Saturday, which is expected to operate until a physical library is built on Center Boulevard.

The mobile library will be parked next to Gantry Plaza State Park (Center Blvd at 48th Avenue) each Saturday starting May 31 and will operate between 8:30 am and 5:30pm. The service will offer books and materials for all ages, as well as two computers for public use.

Residents will be able to borrow and return books in a similar fashion as if they were going to any other Queens Library.

The plan is to have the mobile library operate all year round– although it will not be in service July 5. “We are likely to keep it there until the [Hunters Point branch] library is built,” said Joanne King, a library spokeswoman.

The Hunters Point Community library should have been completed by now. However, the project continues to face delays as builders have been unwilling to erect it for the $28 million on offer—and it could still be years before it is completed.


JQ said...

the tower people could not give a shit.they are fixated on their kindles and nooks.

Anonymous said...

Where is the money coming from a new library? Most of the libraries in Queens are barely open anymore!

Anonymous said...

There already is a Queens Library less than a mile away in Court Sq.

Joe said...

"two computers for public use'

As children played in fingerpaint older men were checking out "Teen Anna" Polish porn and Craigslist whores at the Ridgewood library.
Yeah pubic -Oops, I mean "public Use"

The "off the boat" woman in charge of the place when I complained could barley speak English herself BTW, it was useless. I was looking for a 1973 JHS 93 yearbook. It turns out they tossed all the books, shelves and beautifully crafted Bavarian woodwork in the dumpster during the last "renovation" It now looks like the set of "Romper Room" or "Magic Garden" take your pick.
Library renovation -translation: "gutting to create daycare for children of illegal immigrants"

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that if Rockrose wanted to, it could donate temporary space to the library on the ground floor of one of the condo towers. But luxury restaurants are more important.

Anonymous said...

The library's priority was building the smoking deck for CEO/President Tom Galante, as well as renovating his office.