Monday, May 12, 2014

Fraternity is hazing the neighborhood

From the Daily News:

Profane messages scrawled on the front door of a cape-style home are the latest in a string of obnoxious shenanigans to befall a tree-lined Fresh Meadows block ever since a St. John’s University frat moved onto 69th Ave. in September.

“Toxic. Please help us. Do not enter. Dead inside. F---,” read the messages, which were written on the frat's front door more than a month ago.

Loud parties, blaring music, weed smoking and constant shouting have prompted irked neighbors to repeatedly call 311 on the raucous frat house, neighbors told The News.

“I regret moving here," said Barbara Sun, a new mother who says constant partying next door keeps her baby daughter awake all night. “This is my firstborn, I’m very excited about it. I just want to give her a quiet place to live.”


Anonymous said...

If im not mistaken, I think I read that this property was owned by st johns. This is what happens when church organizations get to buy houses. They never want to be held responsible for the property or the people they rent the property out to. And they don't pay any property taxes on it. The other home owners do pay property taxes and it seems as if they are the ones getting screwed.

Anonymous said...

Once again the media reaches out to everyone but the electeds.

You would think that a class that hogs the camera and takes credit for everything would acknowledge this but, then, hollowing out communities so their real estate investor buddies can take advantage pretty much summarizes what they are about.

Anonymous said...

"If im not mistaken, I think I read that this property was owned by st johns."

You ARE mistaken. 178-11 69 AVENUE is owned by MING DA ZHOU of Brooklyn. You should probably stop talking out of your ass now.

Anonymous said...

So where are the videos of these wild parties?

I want to see the girls gone wild. I want to hear "Louie, Louie" -- or it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

This neighborhood is in Rory Lancman's district. He's never too shy to speak to the press (on record or anonymously)

Anonymous said...

They should 'sue the ming da zhou' of brooklyn and slap a violation him.

How? Video tape the whole incident.. It's so simple.. your own phone can do it.. why don't they do that? That is pure evidence and then the frat boys has nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

in past years in N.E.Queens, I lived nearby the local college "frat"houses rented in a residentialblock.

complaints were never answered . the culprits were Queens College students on union st.t Sanford ave. and 202 st at 43 ave.

they were a prelude to chasing the nearby homeowners out and selling cheap.

so much for real estate/government profiteering on hi-rise buildings and two fam.attached multiple dwellings.