Saturday, May 17, 2014

Polly want a crapper?

From Capital New York:

Transportation commissioner Polly Trottenberg firmly believes New Yorkers need more in the way of public lavatories than the city's Starbucks, hotel lobbies and McDonald's can provide.

Today, during a City Council hearing on the transportation department's budget, Trottenberg said she's not giving up on a Bloomberg-era plan to install 20 public toilets in New York City.

"I think we really need to get that done and it's something we’re going to focus on," she told the Council.

“One thing I’m certainly interested in is getting the rest of the public bathrooms that are in the contract up and built," she said. "And I’ve actually asked our team at D.O.T. to figure out how we expedite that."


JQ said...

Certainly this project can be voided.Or does this woman really need to go...

Another Blaz appointee who is out of touch with indigenous new yorkers with ample places to relieve themselves that are too numerous to name.

It would be more cost effective to just put sinks and soap dispensers next to trees and alley walls.

Anonymous said...

This is for the foreign tourists in Manhattan - you know - the ones that are buying up all the codos.

georgetheatheist said...

"Polly Want a Crapper"

Urine good form, today. Hot to trot - Aztec two-step.

Anonymous said...

ample places to relieve themselves that are too numerous to name.

Yeah, just find the nearest church and urinate on its walls and cemetery, like the bus drivers in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

The City should advertise where to go when you need to relieve yourself in Manhattan. After all, the City promotes tourism.

For instance: Stop into the Plaza Hotel; Trump Tower; St. Patrick's Cathedral; Grand Central Station; Penn Station; the subway system; etc. The homeless people know where to go to do their thing.

Maybe all those food carts that raise so much money for the City and screw storekeepers out of business should be required to have port-potties available at their expense to their customers

Suggest to the people that need to relieve themselves to dip into a restaurant and have a bite to eat. Or, perhaps, drop into a tavern to have a drink. They can go into a shop and buy something.

According to signs on restaurant and other business' door -- I guess the business owners are sick of the people walking in to just do their thing. Can you blame them?

Polly looks like she could do with a good "crap".

Port-a-Potties! Perhaps that's the answer. Why do the toilets have to be permanent?

The construction sites aren't using them, as required -- whenever they can get away without them.

On residential sites the construction crews p_ss and sh_t behind available fences and buildings -- not necessarily on the site itself. Spreading good knows what diseases.

What the heck -- what the adjacent neighbors don't know won't hurt them.

This City stinks to high heaven. We have too many moronic politicians and City executives that spend our money on outrageous whims.

Blaz knows how to pick the winners! More to come!