Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rockaway still a hot mess

From NY1:

The mayor stayed away as city officials announced beaches are open.

In the Rockaways, long stretches of sand are less weekend paradise and more construction zone. Forget your sun visor. This is hard-hat territory.

"It looks like hell," said Kevin Boyle, a Rockaway community activist. "It's not exactly ready for the top 10 list anywhere, but it's coming along. I'm pretty sure by 2020, the boardwalk will be there and the beach will look good."

Now, bulldozer tracks are everywhere. The Army Corps of engineers is dredging sand to lengthen beaches, which will soften waves.

Ongoing work means spots will open and shut at times, though new Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver can't say exactly where and when.

But hey, don't despair! You're getting WiFi!


Anonymous said...

Shame on our political leaders for not putting 1000000% effort and pressure on getting Rockaway Beach fixed. We know it's not an election year, but do we have to wait 3 more years until you give us more phony promises? And where has our Boro Pres been for the last 5 months besides singing at that silly Worlds Fair event?

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the politicians, they are behaving exactly like everyone knew they would, but since new yorkers are the saviest and smartest voters in the country we'll vote for these people again and again

JQ said...

the signs are right in front of them but the political hacks refuse to see because they need Generation Gentrification to buy tacos-shitty overpriced tacos that you can make at home.It's to escalate interest in opening up more bullshit trendy restaraunts and fulfill the fantasies of the kind of people like that jizzface who wants to kickstart a camp for him and his trustfund twat friends.

but it's not going to happen and they know it and it's called land erosion.

It won't even be a storm of the scale of sandy to devastate the area next time.the tide will cover beach channel drive and possibly rockaway beach blvd,wiping out the taco place and surf club and all those homes.

and the segment was abominable,it only had snips of comments by Meeks and his cronies and a long segment on that delusional dick taco guy.what should have been a report on civic neglect and the imminent dangers on the town turned into another food trend "Story".No surprise coming from PIX news,the news home of call girl escort anchorwomen,court jester anchormen,morning zoo antics,prize contests and the overreliance on philistine twittering and facebook posts.

Oh,and again the 0 vision mayor is absent,I guess instead of being fashionably tardy he's just not showing up at all.

the rockaways are getting screwed,I like the comment from that resident's realistic completion date,although by 2020 it's going to be inhabitable for seagulls only.

I still think its the greatest beach on the east coast,so may I suggest building may cut down on surfing,but hey those people look stupid riding on those teeny tiny waves.I don't know why that area was designated for that activity in the first place.