Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Water main work to begin in Briarwood

From the Queens Courier:

Officials from the Department of Design Construction recently began construction of a $15 million water main project that will replace nearly century-old pipes in Briarwood, and explained the plan to residents on Thursday in a community meeting.

The project stretches from 84th Road and 164th Street and will end at Hillside Avenue and Queens Blvd. The city’s water pipes, which have been in place since the 1920s according to a DDC representative, will be replaced with larger new ones, accommodating for the population growth in the last century.

The current pipes, some which are six inches in diameter and others that are eight inches, will be expanded to eight and 12-inch pipes respectively. The expanded diameter will also allow the opportunity to increase water pressure, DDC officials said.

Work on the pipes started a few weeks ago and will continue until November 2015. Workers will remove and replace pipes one block at a time during the year.


Anonymous said...

If they're digging up the streets to replace water mains, why not also enlarge/replace the sewer lines, too? The increase in population density in most Queens neighborhoods puts a strain on the sewer lines in addition to the water mains.

Anonymous said...

I recently found out that these mains are "flushed" with chlorine shortly after they are installed. Chlorine, when ingested or absorbed in high proportion to other elements, is known to cause skin conditions. I finally got my mild but persistent acne under control a few months ago with topical antibiotics. Right around the time I saw the DEP leprechauns testing for chlorine levels, I developed the unresponsive acne that I used to get only when I lived with a chlorine bleach loving family member. Does anyone want to look into this? I love Queens, but I must say, I had the clearest skin and easiest cycles for the two years Iived in other locales.