Friday, May 23, 2014

End-of-year start for work on Jackie Robinson Parkway

From the Queens Chronicle:

A massive two-year project is slated to begin at the end of this year to completely overhaul the entire length of the Jackie Robinson Parkway.

The $12 million project, announced at last week’s Community Board 5 meeting, will be done by the state Department of Transportation. The work includes resurfacing the entire length from Pennsylvania Avenue in Brooklyn to the Kew Gardens interchange, taking out the existing asphalt overlay and putting in a new one, changing all signs to make them more visible, more reflective and more readable, putting reflectors on the outer guide rails and inner concrete barrier, which is especially important where the parkway makes sharp turns through the Glendale cemeteries, clearing some mounds to enhance drivers’ sight distance on the eastbound side at Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills and building a retaining wall there.

The state DOT said the work will require closure of all lanes in particular segments of the roadway at times.

“This project will follow the principles of Gov. Cuomo’s Drivers First Initiative which focuses on minimizing the impact of roadway construction on traffic,” said NYSDOT spokeswoman Diane Park in an email. “To meet this goal, the department has specifically planned the work schedule so that construction will occur at night, when traffic volume is lowest.”

According to Park, the work will be done one section at a time, permitting all other sections of the parkway to remain open and traffic will be detoured at the designated section. She said the department will post signs clearly directing drivers back to the parkway.


Anonymous said...

"Closure of all lanes at times"
As in not doing one side at a time ?
This should be one historic cluster F_ ! Are they to detour BOTH East And West bound traffic via already jammed 2 lane Myrtle ave and down Cooper ?

Anonymous said...

When the hell will Queens Blvd be repaved?

Anonymous said...

Traffic will be annoying but this work is desperately needed. The surface of the moon is smoother than that road. Please start as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Repaving and gluing on some reflectors takes two years???

Anonymous said...

Put in some alcoves or larger shoulders so the highway patrol can monitor traffic and lock up people stupid enough to drive thus road over 70 mph!