Friday, May 30, 2014

How to get illegal clothing bins removed

From Clean Up Jamaica Queens:
If you are very observant like I am, you will have noticed a huge amount of various donation clothing bins in various colors (black, green, pink, etc) all over the community, some in front of apartment building, some in the middle of sidewalks and some in parking lots of business.
The Goodwill bins are actually going toward the charity Goodwill and more than likely are put there legally. Most of the others (pink, black, green, blue) are placed illegally without approval. With the exception of the Goodwill bins, the clothing from these bins are actually sold, not given to charity, so you might want to think before you put clothing in these bins.
These bins are becoming a major eyesore not only in the Jamaica community, but all over NYC and our people in charge are not doing a damn thing about this latest quality of life issue. Besides being eyesores and sometimes blocking sidewalks, they tend to have graffiti and stickers placed all over them and many have garbage dumped on the sides of them.
Until recently, the only way to have these removed were to print out a form from the Department of Sanitation's website and mail in in. Well, now you can just fill-out the form on-line and submit it. You can find the link here.


Anonymous said...

I tell my children and grandchildren all the time. Try not to give things to people you don't know, but not matter what you do NEVER GIVE ANYTHING TO CHARITIES.

Anonymous said...

I've simply stopped giving. Its easier that way.

Clothes get trashed.

Bottles and cans get smashed before going in recycling.

My money stays in my pocket.

Its just better that way.

Anonymous said...

You never see these bins in the upscale neighborhoods. I guess no one charitable lives there.

Anonymous said...

Some of the clothing bin companies take care of their bins, but the bad apples make the whole industry look shady.

Even if the clothing isn't used for charity but is recycled for insulation material, it's better than seeing it in the landfills.

Joe Moretti said...

The bigger issue with these bins is that they are being placed illegally on public sidewalks, which is illegal and secondary that you do not know what exactly is happening with the clothing. Bottom line only a legitimate company such as Goodwill should have these and they should only be placed in designated areas with permission, but never on public property such as a sidewalk.

This whole thing like everything else in NYC has gotten out of hand and there is no one overseeing this.

They are eyesores.

Anonymous said...

These boxes should have a license attached to it. Just like the ones affixed to food vendor carts. Then you'll
see how fast these shady clothing boxes disappear.

Anonymous said...

I followed the link and filled out the online form, only to receive and e-mail saying they want to send me the form to fill out. I just did that....ahhh,....
and they wonder why they are GARBAGE MEN !!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't the city just haul away the metal bins and sell them to scrap metal companies? Isn't there some money there?

Anonymous said...

Are bed bugs included?