Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stumped in Hollis

From: Deen, Gibran A
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 10:38 AM
To: ''
Subject: Hurricane Sandy Damage....

To Whom It May Concern……
Good Morning, my name is Gibran Deen and I live at 89-20 196 St. Hollis, NY 11423
Super storm Sandy wreaked havoc on many New Yorkers and I was one of those folks. My family and I did not suffer much significant damages, we were very lucky and fortunate. Nonetheless, the storm brought down a very big tree that was in the front of my home. It left us without power for several days, damaged me and my neighbors vehicles; fortunately our homes were spared. NYC parks personnel subsequently responded and removed the tree leaving behind the massive tree root / stump. The tree root is sitting above the road surface and my driveway making it very difficult for my vehicle to enter and leave. I reached out to the parks department but no response was provided as to when the tree root/stump will be removed. I’m writing to you in hopes that someone might be able to advance my request and have this obstacle removed as soon as possible.


Yes, it's still there...

Here's what Parks says: Stump removal

All stumps remaining from tree removal operations performed by Parks are recorded and registered. Stump removals are dependent on the availability of funding. We currently have a backlog of stumps awaiting removal. If you are a property owner who would like a City-owned stump removed, we have two options for you to consider:

You can request a new tree via 311 or our tree service request system, and if the stump is less than approximately 30 inches in diameter, our planting contractors will remove the stump during a new tree planting process.

You can obtain a tree work permit from Parks and hire a contractor to remove the stump at your own expense. If you prefer this option, permit applications and instructions are available on our Working On or Near Trees page.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Gibran,

Grew up just a few blocks from where you live. Your home looks very nice except for that stump.
Suggest you use a circular saw and get rid of most of that stump yourself. An hour of cutting will get rid of most of it. Then put dirt over what is left and plant some grass seed.


BTW - there was no super storm Sandy. It was barely a Cat 1 Hurricane. Imagine what a Cat 5 storm would do.

Anonymous said...

In the old days you would call your councilman, let them play government with the city, and sooner or later the job would get done.

Now they do little real government and spend their time with empty projects that get silly headlines while they do fund raising in Manhattan for their Queens district and tell the donors to send the money to Nassau County.

Joe said...

It may take a long time for stump removal. You could buy a cheap Home depot electric chain saw $39. Just hose off any sand grit etc first (it dulls the carbide on the blade) and remove what you need and patch over with some dirt. Just use a 50-50 mix of standard motor oil and STP in the saw (no need to buy $$ expensive blade oil)--wear goggles.
Don't depend on the a'O city hacks do anything soon unless your politically connected .
***** When using these 10 amp+ devices always use goggles and a heavy duty 15 amp or more extension cord or you will burn out the motor.

Anonymous said...

Gibran Deen should put in a request to have his/her curb repaired too. It's in violation of city code.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, unless it a public safety issue they just put your case in "the que"--2 years average for physical "action" regarding a private property.
Yeah they take take the calls and enter or add to the data base but wont do squat unless you have VIP status or the treat of news media.
Now should somebody trip over it and claim injury (this attracting news media and lawyers)may pe-empt the above stated standard procedure.
Only thing you can do if your the average hard working tax paying citizen is
1: remedy it yourself
2: put up with the BS
3: move.

Anonymous said...

Just call 3-1-1 and request a new tree. Parks will remove the stump to prepare the ground for the new tree.

ha said...

And the city wants to plant a million more of those problem ridden trees.

Just imagine the wait times after the next "superstorm" hits.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we should have bare streets because a storm may down a tree.

Anonymous said...

A little self-reliance goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

Half of this tree is actually in the street. I wonder how the snow plow did their job this past winter.

Anonymous said...

No, this is an issue for the city - you cannot open up tree pits and do work and even if you do, someone trips or does something stupid they can sue you.

Call 311 and do the things you need to - then hound, yes, hound your electeds.

Its a great fun way to vent your anger and if enough people wake up and do the same, believe me, this would not be a problem any more.

Anonymous said...

I think the city lost something like half a percent of its street trees in the storm, though many were new and still under warranty so the city didn't have to pay for them to be replaced.

How does this make it difficult for you to get in and out of your driveway? And whatever minute difficulty the stump sticking out a bit adds it can't have been easier when the tree was there.

People don't consistently perform their civic duty to keep the city working well and then they complain about something tiny like this when the city doesn't take care of it for them? Disgusting...

Anonymous said...

People don't consistently perform their civic duty to keep the city working well and then they complain about something tiny like this when the city doesn't take care of it for them? Disgusting...

My civic duty is not painting parks or cleaning up trash or (God forbid) being the backdrop for a press conference.

My civic duty is to observe laws, pay taxes, and be an outspoken citizen engaged in the political process.

And as for a backdrop, have them get a potted palm at your local florist.

Anonymous said...

The will not stop you from hiring a landscaper to remove a tree stump or a concrete contractor from fixing the sidewalk. Like I said, a little self reliance goes a long way.