Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A less tall wall in Little Neck

From the Times Ledger:

Northeast Queens lawmakers announced Monday that the E. Gluck Corporation has agreed to modify a 36-foot gray wall that has become the source of dozens of complaints from Little Neck residents.

The wall was erected in April after construction began on the property, at 60-15 Little Neck Parkway, as the watchmaking company prepared to relocate from Long Island City to the new warehouse in northeast Queens. After several weeks of pressure from state and local representatives, E. Gluck has agreed to lower the wall, which faces 262nd Street, by 14 feet and will also add nearly 100 trees and plants to soften the look of the warehouse’s exterior.


Anonymous said...

It worked out better than I thought ! But I hope that some of the trees planted are evergreens so to have cover after the fall foliage falls.

Joe said...

I don't know about evergreens or worse hemlocks.
1- It will take forever for them to mature enough to be effective. To add, The last hurricane spread Woolly Adelgid mites everywhere --not just Flushing. It a highly evasive "freak" insect from the mountains in China that got loose here from smuggling (this nasty winter didn't dent them)
To make things worse the Nanny environmentalists got all the effective imidacloprid products like dinotefuran and bifenthrin banned in NYS.
Insecisidal oils and soaps are almost useless against Woolly Adelgid and its larger cousin (termites). These things are so hearty they suck and chomp through winter.
---Anything but evergreens unless a massive monthly professional maintenance is in writing and guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe for the info.