Saturday, May 31, 2014

Connecting the dots

This was forwarded by a reader:

"Happy Spring!

You may already be aware of Green Shores NYC’s groundbreaking efforts to ensure a greener, cleaner, more accessible and connected East River Waterfront in Queens.

In keeping with our tradition of being the voice of the community with regard to our waterfront and our goal of having a greener, cleaner, connected and united waterfront, we are excited to announce our new initiative called BRIDGING THE CREEK (BTC).

For BTC we will be working closely with the Newtown Creek Alliance and with support from the Hudson River Foundation. BTC will focus on bringing Queens residents into closer contact with the Newtown Creek and its environs through tours, workshops and a forum that will gather concerns and brainstorm solutions for environmental improvements and public access. A key goal of BRIDGING THE CREEK is to open up new opportunities for dialogue, collaboration and access. A celebratory event is envisioned later this year that will further encourage connections between neighborhoods on both sides of the Creek.

In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to you to provide more detailed information.

Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to working with you on The Creek!"

Then they received an invite to take a survey, a screenshot of which is below:

You will notice the words "trailblazing advocacy work" used to describe Newtown Creek Alliance. Kind of over-the-top language, don't you think? Let's connect the dots:

1) City Parks Foundation is in charge of administering Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant funds.

2) GreenShores is a program of City Parks Foundation, which is the Parks Department's fundraising arm.

3) According to the above e-mail, GreenShores is a "partner" of Newtown Creek Alliance.

4) Newtown Creek Alliance supports the North Brooklyn Boat Club, mainly because the boards of both organizations contain the same people.

5) The boat club went from priority #3 to priority #1 after City Parks Foundation released the list.

Numerous other conflicts-of-interest here were explained in a previous post. There's a cabal that has a lock on a majority of the funding that has anything to do with the Creek.

It's kind of funny but sad how easily the dots can be connected, yet Attorney General Schneiderman is blind to what's gone on. Is this intentional, sir? Is it time to BRING IN THE FEDS?


Anonymous said...

I want to start a boat club too. Who should I contact? This is unbelievable stuff!

Anonymous said...

I think we all have reached to the conclusion that these folks are working in collusion with each other to get their pet projects done at the expense of more needed and worthy ones. The Parks in Greenpoint look like complete crap, yet OSA is sponsoring a boathouse that probably won't be open for more than a decade.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the tweeding connection is for the AG. Is he friends with Perlmutter, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The evidence mounts. Question is will anything be done about it? The corruption in this city is so thickly woven. Why vote at all?

Anonymous said...

I love how all the Green groups are simply tools for the developers

- from the Green programs in that library to spending a lot of time making the waterfront attractive and trendy so apartments can be sold

- while giving you a blank look if you mention the things that the Greens are involved in other cities: global warming and waterfront parkland.

Anonymous said...

Parks is corrupt to the core. Do they even have any administrative employees anymore that don't "wear two hats," i.e., simultaneously working for developer-controlled nonprofits and "the people"? An investigation is sorely called for, but unfortunately Robert Moses's words still ring true: "If you're on the side of parks, you're on the side of the angels; you can't lose." Instead it is the City that loses.

Anonymous said...

You should contact the proper authority.
Don't wait.
The AG, or at the very least a large
NYC paper.
This is BS.
Can I park my boat in the creek for free?