Friday, May 16, 2014

Hostel's joke names fall flat

From DNA Info:

The Plaza Hotel has the Eloise Suite and the Oak Room. A new pop-up hostel in Rockaway Beach let guests relax after a day in the sun on the "Ike Turner Bed" in the "Wife-Beater Bungalow."

The recently opened Hostile Hostel featured rooms and beds named after gangsters, drug users and domestic abusers, with a website depicting images of machine guns and planes dropping bombs.

But the room names were yanked after DNAinfo inquired about them on Wednesday, with the "Whore House" becoming "The Dorm." The descriptions of the rooms were also pulled from the website, but the bed names remain.

Offering beds named for Chris Brown, Ike Turner and Mel Gibson, the hostel had a shared kitchen space called the "Domestic Violence Bungalow," which advised guests to "get yo spatulas out."

The name of the space was changed on the hostel's website on Wednesday to the "Wife Beater Bungalow" and later to simply "The Kitchen."

Danny Ruscillo, a community leader who works with the 100th Precinct Community Council, said the names were "outrageous."

"This is not a joke, and it's not funny. We're not laughing," he said. "We have enough problems in Rockaway, and we don't need that kind of nonsense."


JQ said...

Generation Gentrification Must Be Stopped.This just proves that these hipster deviant dumbshits have total contempt for the working class and the poor,all those disenfranchised from having a roof over their heads and a bathroom they don't have to share.

that "Art" "curator" should go 10,20 blocks east for more inspiration,get a feel for authenticity by inviting some drug dealers and gangs to crash there.Its good that there is a picture of that idiot,so some victims of domestic violence can stop by her "hostel" and show some of their art with the bruises and scars that oblivious wench finds so amusing.

"The fact that you mentioned it — I don't want to cause any trouble, and I just don't want to offend anyone"

Too late bitch.

boycott the poser surf club too.

And that playland inn,which looks like it stole wood from the boardwalk that got destroyed by Sandy

Anonymous said...

That "artist" is sick and should seek professional help.
Has DOB and FDNY inspected this building?

Anonymous said...

To be expected from a nation who worships money and is hooked on violence. I wonder what their bridal suite looks like.

Joe Moretti said...

Is this in South Jamaica Queens, because it is a perfect name.

Anonymous said...

No, it's in the Rockaways.

Robert Mapplethorpe, a boy from Queens, is quoted by his muse as saying his art killed him.

Are you familiar with his body of work?

It's not dissimilar in shock value to this.

Let the artists reap what they sow!

Anonymous said...

How much for the Rape Tunnel?

Anonymous said...

Hostile Hostile is offensive in so many ways. The concept and marketing represent poor taste, and a blatent disregard for the surrounding community. I wouldn't lump Playland Motel and Surf Club in the same category however. They are great additions to the community - as was Rockaway Taco before them. And let's not forget that the so called "hipsters" came out in droves to help us regain our footing post Sandy

JQ said...

well let me lump then.

if the surf club guy associates with a tone-deaf person like this,then his motives must be suspect also.

As for rockaway taco,its overpriced and not that good.And something stinks about that playland motel.The front of that building looks like the wood from the boardwalk that are now the ruins of sandy.

And here's a thought,what would rockaway look like if Sandy did not happen.3000 rents maybe?constant drunk hipster cackling in the middle of the night?

I am not going to denigrate the efforts of Occupy Sandy.they did a great job and helped everybody,but if they associate with this artist,I don't think they can be trusted either.

sorry,but this beach is all the working class has left,and climate change is gonna wipe it out soon.