Saturday, May 17, 2014

Willets Point plan a big joke (as expected)

From the Queens Chronicle:

Plans obtained by the Chronicle, dated Dec. 6, 2013, show that schematics for phase one of the Willets Point redevelopment project were submitted to the Economic Development Corp. before the last update meeting.

The plans show the mall will take up much of Willets West while the hotel — which will be 13 floors, including a rooftop bar — and smaller commercial buildings intended for restaurants, sit east of CitiField.

But what may be most surprising is the vast amount of parking in the plans.

According to the schematics, around 6,000 spots in garages and outdoor parking will be created, taking up a hefty share of the 23 acres the city intends to turn over. Only 10 percent of that land has been obtained so far.

Almost all the land east of Citi Field will be a large outdoor lot, with two more parking lots sitting to the north.

There is no sign of where the intended residential buildings and school would be placed as they are slated to be built around 2025 during phase two of the project.


Anonymous said...

I'd have liked to see a pedestrian mall/bike lane running between the stadium and the mall from the 7 train and the Roosevelt Avenue overpass and continuing down Shea road to make the marina more accessible to the rest of the park. It's a mess getting from one to the other now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Because that bottleneck isn't bad enough already during a Met game we'll add thousands of more people and cars. Why don't you just convert the GCP and Northern Blvd into official parking lots as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait until some future September when the Mets get lucky and field a decent team, the US Open is going on, the mall is having an end of summer sale and a couple of weddings are going on at the hotel.

Parking? Hell the Wilpon's will just steal some more parkland by bribing idiot politicians and parking won't be a problem as long as you get there by 7:30 Am.

Anonymous said...

Let's bring back some real industry, not puddle futzing

ron s said...

So, what's the big surprise here? Stealing parkland? Lying about the housing? Changing plans hoping no one will notice? Making a fortune by developing city land? Political influence by low-lifes making it all possible? Building crap without considering anything besides profit?
All of the above?

Anonymous said...

Another over ambitious piece of BS.
CB7 will think it's marvelous.