Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mark your calendars for affordable housing hearing

Hello Queens Crapper,

I hope all is well as it can be in this borough of rampant, unchecked development.

Please post this as an anonymous tip:

There will be a special Community Board #1 meeting about the Astoria Cove development on Tuesday June 10th at 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Astoria World Manor @ 25-22 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY 11102.

The developers will present their plans and their ULURP applications. The public will get a chance to provide feedback and comments. Needless to say, this is the *most important meeting* for the public to attend, especially to ensure that affordable housing is maintained throughout the project.

See this Daily News Article.




Anonymous said...

Too late boys and girls - your pathological dependency on the local politicians is starting to trouble your little brains - but then, again, Astoria is 'Saved' so what the hell is your problem - wasn't it rezoned?

Did not your community board, comprised of the clueless, library board directors, third rate architects, cafe owners, and others in that wonderful group with skill sets that make it the envy of every other community board in NYC discuss this at length, debate its merits, and, as usual, when streets are closed by the studio and buildings put up in people's back yards, hold the community's interests at heart when it comes to zoning?

(Yes, I know, their community served is that of developers and campaign donors - but lets not get too fussy with these things - its Astoria remember and EVERYONE wants to see how much they can wring from the dirt that had grandma's 150 year old mansion.

Oh, I see, the waterfront was left out of the rezoning and you did not think that important?

Now, what are they complaining about?

No infrastructure?

Jamming thousands next to a housing project with thousands?

Building in an area that will be flooded routinely by hurricanes and global warming?

Naw, they are ticked off because THEIR VIEW FROM THE PARK IS COMPROMISED!

Now, all those Green types will who should be doing the things that Green types around the world are doing, will do the things they were set up to do in NYC - provide another interest group to push for development: THEY DISTRACT EVERYONE BY TALKING ABOUT THE SHORE FRONT PROMENADE!

The words 'hope' and 'wish' will pepper their refrain.

That is right.

The good citizens of Astoria will try to close the door after the horse has gone, and focus their attention on things that really are not that important to start with.

Classic Astoria.

Classic Queens.

Classic laughing stock of NYC.

Anonymous said...

Affordable housing hearing?


These buildings are being marketed as luxury housing. There is a handful of 'affordable' just enough to distract the community (which doesn't take much when something comes from 'official' sources) and we all know that the word 'affordable' is slippery (something that most of Queens hasn't quite figured out.)

Well does 'luxury' mean wealthy people will move in?

No, they will certainly be expensive, but outside speculators will buy them and fill each unit with as many people as possible.

Whoompa! Instant slum!

In France they are called Banlieues.