Wednesday, May 14, 2014

S.J. is gunning for Toby

From the Times Ledger:

Flushing activist and businessman S.J. Jung has launched a bid to unseat State Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Flushing).

The former executive director of the MinKwon Center for Community Action announced his candidacy for District 16 Tuesday morning.

“I enter this race as a reformer who refuses to accept politics as usual,” he said. “I am determined to weed out public corruption and restore the public’s faith in our state government, but we must first clean up our house if we are going to make significant progress on the everyday issues facing working and middle-class New Yorkers.”


Anonymous said...

Sigh...districts shouldn't look this wacky.

Other than waste time with crap like requiring all textbooks to call the Sea of Japan the East Sea and talk about how diverse her district is what has she done that's worthwhile? Besides stay in office for a decade and a half earning a nice salary and getting her picture in the paper of course.

Anonymous said...

Good for him. In that district, he has a legitimate shot.

Mike Francesa said...

I hope he cracks down on the overwhelming number of churches and synagogues. Not only do they take up good real estate, they deny the city tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Could a modern-day Captain Ahab? Thar she blows!

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone is willing to harpoon the whale.

Anonymous said...

Just seeing the work MinKwon makes my skin crawl. These were the freaks who were so outspoken and racial during the whole redistricting process. They basically wanted to carve out every asian section with no regard to zoning, natural boundaries or respect that there are other cultures that exist besides asians.

They are not about forming a melting pot or assimilating into american culture in any way. They are about forcing their beliefs down everyone's throats.

Beware people.

Anonymous said...

Politician..... hope ?

The only thing that you can hope for with a politician is that they don't rob your district or run it into the ground.

Anonymous said...

He was endorsed by the so-called "Working Families Party" in his 2009 bid for City Council. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

This guy is one scary individual. I heard him speak/rant during his last campaign. Beware of this guy...

Anonymous said...

No Moby, No Toby!

Anonymous said...

Toby is a political survivor, having bested millionaire challengers Isaac Sasson and John Messer. With the endorsement of Grace Meng, she is still favored to win.

If Jung seeks to be the candidate of Asian-American voters, he needs John Liu to counter Grace and the county machine.

Anonymous said...

In a choice between the frying pan (Toby) and the fire (SJ) I'll take the frying pan.

Beware this interloping political "reformer". He wants HIS GROUP in. That is the extent of his "reform" politics.

He will replace old corruption with new corruption.

Isn't that what racist Asian candidates have been doing steadily since 1980?

Anonymous said...

Liu doesn't stand a chance against Meng.

Liu's political aspirations have been cooked to a turn like a Peking duck.

Look at this delusional freak. As a defrocked financial actuary...formerly employed by the prestigious firm of Price Waterhouse Coopers...he can't even get a good teaching position at a reputable college like Baruch.

He scratches up a patronage teaching job at John Jay College instead.

Bye, Bye Liuie the liar!

It's downhill from here. No political office. No return to his past financial career. Wasn't his daddy Joseph Liu's company called "Creative Financial" or something like that.

Maybe it'll become Joe Liu & Son...specialists in cooking the books.


Anonymous said...

C.U.N.Y. has always been the pension $$$$$ haven for prog./lib/dem. pols in nyc, who have been ousted by the voters.

Schumer's wife,seminerio,hevesi, etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 15:

When did Seminerio go to work for CUNY?