Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Richmond Hill High School has some major behavioral issues

From the NY Post:

Richmond Hill HS is suspending more of its students than any other school in New York City.

The Queens secondary school, which has 2,169 students, handed out 492 suspensions as of May 5, according to city records.

That’s more than the 473 school officials doled out all of last year — and there’s still about six weeks left before classes end.

Vishnu Mahadeo, the school’s PTA president, blamed the high punishment rate on overcrowding and “weak leadership.”

“We have a new principal that is trying to bring up a behavior code,” he said. “When you don’t have strong leadership, the kids tend to be a little bit out of control. When you have a strong leadership, things change.”

Parents familiar with the school said overcrowding and disciplinary problems go hand-in-hand.

“When you push kids into overcrowded conditions, many will react in frustration and anger because it shows a school system doesn’t care about them,” said parent advocate Leonia Haimson.

The school’s principal, Neil Ganesh, didn’t return calls. He’s the third person appointed to lead the school in the last three years.


Anonymous said...

The public school system hasn't cared about any students for many years. This city needs to stop overdevelopment before things gets really bad....NYC does not need more people. Our facilities are completely overburdened.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, give the new principal a chance - he's not inexperienced, but it's going to take some time to sort out the mess. RHS has had poor stats for a while, and the overcrowding isn't helping.

Anonymous said...

These kids are animals coming from homes with no discipline. Most parents are incompetent and lazy!

Go to any supermarket, restaurant or big box store in Queens. Kids are running around, screaming and breaking things.

Bring back corporal punishment!

And if they get suspended they should be forced to do community service and pick up garbage on the side of the highway!

There must be some punishment - suspension is not the same as vacation!

Unknown said...

Good for him. He's doing the right thing by suspending this kids. They are then forced to stay home with their parents and will not be disruptive in the classroom. I fully support this principal.

Anonymous said...

Graduated in 1977 and was proud to tell people.
RHHS and the surrounding neighborhoods was once a wonderful place to live and you got to go to a good local HS school. Now you will get "No Respect"

Unknown said...

I was a student at Richmond Hill. The problem is that the kids have too much rights and are allowed to do anything without getting a proper punishment. The school staff and principals have no power. They should be able to start expelling students. When I went to the school there were many hate crimes and there was no justice.