Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flushing Commons construction begins

"The last nail in Flushing's coffin has been placed." - The Flushing Phantom


Anonymous said...

The parking in downtown Flushing will be a nightmare.

Mike Francesa said...

It's privately owned. I wonder if they can force you to pay their fake tickets now.

Anonymous said...

Since they're getting rid of all the parking and nobody will be able to drive to flushing anymore they should at least put in bus lanes on Northern, Main, Kissena etc...and run buses every ten minutes so we can still get to work.

Anonymous said...

No green space or pedestrian plaza?

Anonymous said...

They will probably apply for and get renewal permits to allow them to work also on weekends.

Anonymous said...

That is one ugly mother of a building.

I'm waiting for a fire to break out in one of theses new high rise catastrophes and see the pols and DOB point the finger of blame at everyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

There's no plaza, no setback?

The streets around it will be in a perpetual shadow just like those pre-1917 monsters in Manhattan which were built to the limit of the property line and straight up to the roof.

Anonymous said...

These are dorms for drones.

Amenities that are traditional in this country are becoming unimportant.

I would love to hear what Jimmy Van Bramer will do with his silly prissy press conferences on the 7 line when his coddled trustafarians on the river can no long FIT on the trains.

Anonymous said...

Since the parking lot is privately owned, they should put boots on any car without a parking receipt in its window.

Anonymous said...

Man, if any part of Queens needs no more population it's downtown Flushing. As if it wasn't already congested enough!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it might be time to change my route to work. As if Main Street is not packed enough already, more cars and people will make it next to impossible to get to the 7 train!

Anonymous said...

"...will make it next to impossible to get to the 7 train!"

Ever notice that the 7 train is constantly shut down on weekends form Manhattan to Queensborough Plaza?

Many of the board members of the MTA have real estate interests in Manhattan and their handlers don't want the Manhattanites moving to LIC or other areas of Queens. They need them to stay and pay outrageous $$ for apartments on crummy side streets.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 12: Yes, of course. That's the reason why all of the work is done on the weekends. How could we be so silly to think that this is work that had to be done, and the only time that it could be done without disrupting weekday service is on the weekends?

Anonymous said...

Try doing the work at nights.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 14: Yeah, if you want it to take years longer than it's already taking.

Jerry Rotondi said...

I'm very grateful that I live just a few blocks from the Broadway LIRR station. I haven't taken the #7 at Main Street, during rush hours, for years. Thank you MTA for my 1/2 price senior fare.

What has Flushing got to offer anyway, that Manhattan doesn't have in spades?

Let me sum it all up---with apologies to George M. Cohan, of course:

"Only 23 minutes from Broadway (to Penn Station)---think of the changes it brings. In the short time it takes---what a difference it makes in the way of the people and things".

The Flushing Phantom said...

The Q13, 16 and 28 buses will have to be rerouted off of Union Street during construction....that means going down Bowne or Parsons....I suppose.

Witness the backups in traffic already occurring on Northern B'lvd. east and west off of Main Street.

Face it've been sold out to overseas real estate interests....thanks to local officials and those shady SOBs at community board 7.

"Little Taipei" (as Flushing has been been called for several years) will now be complete.

"Kudo"s to Wellington Zhou Chen and his friends at TDC.

BTW Mr. Chen....what happened to the "town square" you proposed on the muni lot #1 site about 12 years ago?

What is a broken promise really called?

A lie!

Anonymous said...

The last big open sky view in downtown Floo-shing will become crammed with hordes of scurrying humanity and gridlocked traffic jams.

What other open space will be next for the taking...Levit Field...perhaps?

As the over building boom seeks out new spaces to over develop...what "underutilized" space will be taken for the erection of more high rise structures?

Meanwhile the #7's antiquated system will have to suffice to transport the workaday force to their employment posts in Manhattan. The new morning rush hour will have to begin at 4:00 AM. Welcome aboard the sardine can express.

Time to move to greener pastures and let those who are used to nose up their neighbors' asses "living" enjoy their new "paradise"!

Shei, shei!