Friday, May 30, 2014

Gina Argento owes the City $30,000 just for one property

44-19 Broadway in Astoria. This property has been hit with an illegal sign violation for Ciafone's offensive banners that still hasn't been corrected. You'd think the psychic would have told him that was coming.

It also has a stop work order on it from 2010 and $30,000 in outstanding fines.

What would we do without the gruesome twosome? Well, we know the boathouse would be up shit's creek, that's for sure. It's ok to fraternize with slumlords so long as you can store kayaks on their property.


Anonymous said...

Where is Costa?

Where is Gianaris?

Now when this becomes a development site you can be assured it will get their attention.

Anonymous said...

The City should be filling their coffers with the monies that they collect from all these types of violations.

Their is much money to be had from owners/developers that rack up fines for all kinds of violations (DOB, ECB, DEP, etc.).

Truly, what is wrong with our Mayor, City and State politicians, etc. They impose the fines but fail to collect them. Or, they give the offenders a free pass on the fines in the end.

It is ludicrous how our City operators. Or should that be does not operate.

All we can do is vent because our crus fall on deaf ears.

Ciafone and Argento should be thoroughly investigated by the City and State. Really, how long will this be allowed to go on?

Anonymous said...

When is the City going to enforce and collect ECB fines??!

Anonymous said...

They should be forced to forfeit the property.

The city could then auction it off and pocket the money!

Aren't these people rich? Why do all of their properties look like such shit?

They are one tacky, low-class couple! Typical Queens! No offense QC readers - you guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

Really, how long will this be allowed to go on?

As long as they make donations to Joe's Boys, Costa and Mike.

JQ said...

Gina Argento's business instructor:

Anonymous said...

shit, they were doing work there to convert it from a thai kitchen to a sandwich place. i would have called in 311 over the SWO's if i knew they had one.

damn it. woulda coulda shoulda.

FYI, Dept of Finance is taking uncollected taxes, converting them to liens, and auctioning them off. this shit actually happens it's not just on the books. ECB will follow soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Need the feds here---these "certain" people and "heavy bags of lawyers" involved need to be checked out. Perhaps its time to start tracking the serial numbers on $100 bills and IESN numbers of cell phones.
This is all modern day mob shit in my opinion !

Anonymous said...

Not running for office, though.