Thursday, May 8, 2014

There are hidden houses on 31st Street

I just found out today that Teddy's Florist, my favorite flower shop that has been in the same location on 31st St. for 30 years, will be moving to 35th or 36th and Ditmars to make way for - get this - a Bank of America. Rumor also has it that there will be an 8-story condo behind it where a quaint, old home now sits. (The DOB BIS didn't have any details besides this, a plan to create two tax lots on one zoning lot.)

The architect is John Schimenti, the same one who made the zoning "mistake" with the 8-story monstrosity.

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Actually as per plans that were filed (and rejected) last month, it appears the plan was to locate a restaurant here. - QC


Anonymous said...

The heart of Vallonia.

Anonymous said...

is the heart of darkness....

Anonymous said...

Really really sad about this. That house on the right was on the market for a while and I can't believe no one would be interested in fixing it up and restoring that beauty. So many people want to live in Astoria but no one cares about preserving its character or history. Stupid contractors and investors keep on making a mess with cheap, over-sized mish mosh. It's is just sad and upsetting. The politicians and council people and the community board in Astoria are making a mess of the area. You can bring in many and people (people are moving in anyway) without destroying the fabric and dignity of a neighborhood. It's sad Queens has no rhythm or reason with building standards and neighborhood preservation.

Anonymous said...

I think that Queens and Astoria are both really sensitive about their images.

Its about time to let them know that the rest of the world pretty much considers this area a "no go zone" stamped by an odious lazy leadership that does little besides treat their lumpenproletariat like they are children.

That is a huge turnoff which is exactly what the pols want.

What they do not expect is an increasing drumbeat of resistance:

Anonymous said...

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria), said,

“The Steinway Mansion is an integral part of our neighborhood’s rich cultural history.

Like many of my neighbors in Astoria, I hope that whoever made this purchase has an appreciation for the Steinway Mansion’s importance to the community and bearing that in mind, finds a way to allow public access to the neighborhood landmark.”

Hope don't cut it bub, and sitting back as they hack out the interior "finding a way" and anything else they do will be charged to your inexcusable "hands-off" policy.

Big mistake for one of your usual stunts on a highly publicized house like that.

kingofnycabbies said...

The parking lot was also the setting for this scene in "Serpico." Pacino is undercover on the elevated Ditmars station, sees a guy break into a building, gives chase, and runs into cops who don't recognize him.

Anonymous said...

We talk about how sleazy the pols in Astoria are and how they are ruining the neighborhood with their increasing imperious attitude toward the common folk .... and we get a history lesson from the last poster.

Anonymous said...

Astoria politicians should all be condemned from Queens go move out to Long Island cause you don't give a fu*k. That's where all the people who don't care about their communities and abandon ship move to anyway. That is what these politicians do nothing, so go to L.I. and get radioactive and live in a bubble.