Monday, February 24, 2014

Have fun moving your car & dealing with bums

From WPIX:

We’ve had to deal with the polar vortex, and snowstorm after snowstorm, but since February 1st New Yorkers haven’t had to worry about moving their cars. That’s about to change with alternate side parking rules back in effect.

The suspension ends officially starting Monday, February 23rd. The Department of Transportation needs to clean the snow, ice and remaining debris.

In Queens, we found many drivers with a lot of digging out ahead of them on Sunday night. Alternate side parking rules have been suspended in the city since February 1st, but that ends on Monday. It was a 22-day stretch.

Because of the ice, brooms haven’t been able to sweep the alternate-side routes.

From WPIX:

The MTA and the NYPD have to backed off a plan to “remove” the homeless who have been using the subways as shelter from the cold.

An MTA spokesman announced Sunday night the plan is on hold to prevent it “from being portrayed wrongly.”

The removal was supposed to start Monday at 3 a.m. on the “E” line.

But, due to a report from DNAinfo, the agency was forced to tone down its language, insisting the so-called “outreach program” was to be voluntary.

A transit official said, “We are not doing this to be cruel.”


Joe Moretti said...

Sure, have millions of tax payer suffer at the hand of about 2000 plus smelling, deranged and filthy homeless who use the subway as a roach motel. Yeah, that makes sense. Exactly who has the rights in this city anymore. It seems the mega rich, homeless, illegal immigrants and low-class people have all the rights, while the rest of us have to suffer.

For you bleeding hearts out there that feel sorry for the homeless and feel it is their right to be in the subway, why don't 2000 of you each take in a homeless person into your place.

It seems that the quality middle class people who are in the majority have no rights compared to the small number of homeless, non-speaking English people, illegal immigrants, ghetto slobs and low-class immigrants. The city caters to these small number of people who pay little to nothing in taxes, do little to upgrade the standard of living in their community and just plain cause the downfall of communities and put a major strain on the system.

It is a big fuck you to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

No other city transit system in the galaxy would put up with this. They would be removed at the end of every day.

Anonymous said...

Most other transit systems close down at the end of the day. Homeless people (and everyone else ) have to leave the system. We're open 24/7.

Anonymous said...

That's just great. It's so rare that I hear about something being done in this city and think, Oh wow, that will positively effect me directly! This was one of those things. They're not going to leave voluntarily, why would they?