Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dromm wants ID cards for illegals; sees no terrorism threat

"Crapper: check out this 12 minute video of Sunday morning's Up Close with Diana Williams. I swear Dromm (the author of the possible Municipal ID card) and his fellow numbskulls on the NYC Council and the Bolshevik mayor are going to get us killed by terrorists. A must-see-and -hear. Regards, GtheA"

He also goes so far to suggest that they should be able to vote in NYC elections.


Thomas Paine said...

Senator Ball, to argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Deke DaSilva said...

Daniel Dromm - the same guy who publicly supported the "Ground Zero Mosque".

Daniel's ideological ancestor, Vladimir Illyich Lenin, once allegedly said: "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them".

Daniel - selling rope to Moslems and illegal aliens may pay off in the short run, but eventually they're going to fit you for a necktie.

Anonymous said...

Look at Dromm's constituency - are you surprised?

Anonymous said...

Why would any illegal risk being found out, having to pay taxes, and even eventual deportation, by registering for an ID card?

Anonymous said...

I bet Danny boy is against the need for a photo ID when voting.

Anonymous said...

Why did so many New yorkers fight (and some die) in all the wars since WW2? To give the vote to illegals? What value then does the franchise have, either in NYC or the USA? None. This man is a traitor and should be tarred and feathered. Talk about voter nullification, do you want your middle class vote nullified by an illegal depending upon liberal politicians to give them everything for free?

A Ghost from 9/11 said...

This Dromm idiot's political correctness and tweeding is going to get you all killed. Have you forgotten everything so soon?

Sons of Liberty said...

Traitor. Should be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Dromm's brilliant analysis of immigrants voting municipal elections:

"To not allow them to vote violates the fundamental principle upon which this country was founded and that is, no taxation without representation. "


Hey NUMBSKULL - The American Colonists put forward this argument because they were BRITISH CITIZENS! Not residents aliens! (And this guy was a teacher!)

At the Front said...

Friends, Citizens, Patriots!

Give this nitwit the Hell he so richly deserves.

Contact Information:

District Office Address
37-32 75th St. Jackson Heights, New York 11372

District Office Phone

District Office Fax

Legislative Office Address
250 Broadway, Suite 1821 New York, NY 10007

Legislative Office Phone


Anonymous said...

This guy needs to wake up. Look at what all the illegals did to his district...they turned it into a crap hole place to live. Take a fine walk through your district and see what needs to be done before you talk non -sense matters like Id cards for illegals.

J said...

Dromm's idiotic pandering platform is only buttressed by Ball's ignorant xenophobia platform

it is exactly because of these two that the immigration problem in this country will be infinitely flawed.

too many desperate people to exploit and too many devious people to track.giving i.d.'s or building a wall is just going to make the haystack bigger.

Count 'em up said...

Ball's ignorant xenophobia?

SIXTY-THREE (63) drivers licenses for the 19 hijackers.

Herr Doktor Professor S. Freud said...

Herr Dromm. The problem as I analyze you is because you exhibit homosexual tendencies you are experiencing feelings of immense inadequacy amidst the overwhelming heterosexual society. You are retaliating against this society in general by your "advocating" for these illegals. It is a form of psychological pay-back to this over-arching world. Your antipathy to the heterosexual dominant culture expresses itself in your recent political advocacy.

My analysis indicates you desperately need immediate psychological counseling and therapeutic de-sensitization.

I am here to help. I offer my services on a sliding-scale cost basis. Do it not only for these pathetic feelings of inadequacy but for the community as a whole.

End the schmerz. You have so much more to give.

Anonymous said...

It is very obvious that this guy always panders to immigrants. Yes, look at the shit hole neighborhood of Jackson Heights. We have too many people here already and we just encourage more to come here and cram the subway, streets, sidewalks and garb every job that greedy companies offer them. Wake up, you are just allowing companies to get cheap labor and create more crap jobs in this city.