Friday, February 28, 2014

College Point should be so much more than this

"Hello Crapper,

Driving around College Point yesterday doing some errands. I saw some disturbing and awful sites. I particularly like College Point because of some of the historical sites, that it is secluded, some nice old homes and a small town feel. But I really think the Councilman and residents that live there (who still care and are not planning to abandon ship) start getting involved and clean it up. Somehow market this area to those who will appreciate it. Here are some pictures attached for your viewing. It's sad that this section of Queens can have so much more appeal and potential than it is right now."

- Anonymous


J said...

this will continue to be ignored because hipsters and yuppies need the live near the subways to wreck normal affordable living for everyone,and there is no subway in sight in college point.

this may be the place to flock to when the working class are forced out of jackson heights and ridgewood.

what is needed is a real philanthrophist(batman?) to put some needed funds in overlooked towns.or maybe we have to rely on ourselves because there is a disturbing amount of civic indifference going on in our crappy borough.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad fences and walls are not allowed in Broadway-Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Although not impossible, I doubt that any kids are coming from Whitestone/Flushing/Bayside to go down to 115th st and 9th avenue to tag up on a wall.

Its the "local" kids and you parents need to watch the little "bastards".

Anonymous said...

College Point, like most of Queens, is becoming a Third World slum! In this case it's the Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

I've seen graffiti guys doing their malicious desecration and have chased them away. Several hours later they had returned and completed their uncompleted visual assault.

Every time the vandals were of Hispanic or Asian background.

And our politicians want immigration reform so more of this scum can decorate our neighborhoods with their narcissistic defecation.

Anonymous said...

The councilman which is Paul Vallone should be concerned with this matter. College Point falls into his district as well as many other beautiful areas of Queens. He should be concerned with esthetics and appearances in his district. This also helps dictates who buys and invests into the district. If he has no time then a separate fund should be set aside and delegate to the civics in his district to get to work to clean up and maintain the area.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is where all the garbage moved when they got pushed out of their old hoods thanks to gentrification and development (Flushing, Astoria, LIC, Williamsburg, Bushwick, etc)

Anonymous said...

The poster above was right about the new demographics about the neighborhood.

Hispanics brought crime, and Asians brought garbage.

What is it about Hispanic culture that permits crime, and Asian culture that permits living in filth?

Put together, thats a bad combination.

Anonymous said...

It's not graffiti, it's street art, you Neanderthal Archie Bunker types. You gotta get out of your 1950s cocoons and meet the future. It's vibrant and diverse and full of wonderful art. Forget about cleaning it off the fence, apply for a grant to do more of it!

Jeez, you people probably don't even dig the health care law or medical marijuana.

Forget your old civic groups and come join us for some artisanal cheese made by LGBTQ persons of color who just got out of prison and are going to school for hotel management and gender studies.

Anonymous said...

"Hispanics brought crime, and Asians brought garbage.

What is it about Hispanic culture that permits crime, and Asian culture that permits living in filth?"

White people invented 99% of the technology of the civilized world and supposedly this is makes life e.g Cars planes hydro electric plants etc... Vast technology also allows for mass transportation of peoples and the need for unskilled or minimally skilled laborers to, for a lack of better words, work the machines.

This (graffiti, at least not on this level) doesn't place in rural areas, whether it be Chinese, Native South American Indians from Bolivia to Colombia, NOR does it take place on the farms of Kansas inhabited by German, Anglos etc...

This is a negative bi-product of "civilization"

Unknown said...

graffiti is out of control in college point! it is one of those quality of life issues that really wrecks the feel of this community.
there is a program called "graffiti free NYC" -- you call in an address, and th city will come remove the graffiti from a building. if everyone called in a few graffitied address, the town could start shaping up.
DO IT! see

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Kathryn! Ill try it, its worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell just by looking that the graf artists are NOT good at this. This is the work of young teens or ESL writers. It isn't Mexican because there are no gang notations. However, most of the tags are "lined out" so when you read about some 13 year olds getting shot or stabbed in College Point, they are either friends or enemies with the writers. It will be the same circle.