Friday, February 14, 2014

Better get up early if you want to visit

"Spotted on the boardwalk south from Mets/Willets Point 7 subway heading into Flushing Meadows-Corona Park:

"This Park Closes at 9AM"

I guess no one ever actually reads these things."

-- Nick Normal


Anonymous said...

I needed a good laugh before heading out to this horrible weather. Thanks Crappie!

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical!

Not that I'm implying that bankers are in any way honest, but imagine if the programmers at Chase and Citi were that sloppy - your account balances would be close, but hey, who's checking?

That is some sloppy work! But then again - it's Queens - one is lucky that the signs are in English to begin with!

Maybe the library people can proofread the work of the parks people. But wait - all of our Queens librarians are now Chinese and speak broken English.

Just one more example of how far the bar has been lowered in Queens. I bet the signs are correct in Park Slope and Greenpoint!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the mistake is also made a second time toward the top of the sign?

Anonymous said...

Even if it said parks close at 9 PM it would still be wrong because there is no time for which it opens....

Assuming a park closed at 9 PM until the day was over - 12 pm. When does it open ? There has to be a set time for when it OPENS and CLOSES otherwise one time of operation is misleading and incorrect.

Anonymous said...

The cops might use this sign as a trap. Back in 1997 Bronx cops had fun with a light they could instantly change from green to red on Fordham Road and just ticketed everyone when they need to increase the ticket count.

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So you might expect some quality of life arrests for violating what is clearly written on the sign.

It's a feature not a bug.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they mean if you sleep in the park, you should leave by 9 AM!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's funny and worth a post, but do you really think the fact this is Queens has anything to do with it? You get sign mistakes all over. Sounds a little paranoid.

Anonymous said...

Half of the people in queens can't even speak english let alone read it! The parks department probably just said "we messed up, screw it, these people don't know how to read or speak english anyway, so just leave it"!

Anonymous said...

That sign represents everything that is wrong with our parks in Queens.