Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's piled high and deep in Ridgewood

Last October, Queens Crap brought you this warning about the former Four Ones car lot on Fresh Pond Road becoming a 28-unit apartment building.
And here she is!
Of course, everything these days has to be at least 2 stories taller than everything else around it.
Because it just has to.

The great news for future renters seeking a view is that this Scarano beauty is right across the street!


Anonymous said...

Wow ugly building! Its definitely another Queens eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it will be ugly, but so was the crappy parking lots that it replaced.

This end of Fresh Pond is very uninviting, with many properties set back from the street wall (New and old CVS, the TD bank, etc), so at the least, this helps fill in the streetwall a bit.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, but I think is better than what was there before, a dilapidated rental hut. The other clapboard buildings to the right will probably also go in the future. I'm sure local businesses will be happy with the increase of foot traffic. But it means less street parking for people with cars.

Queens Crapper said...

You two seem to not get it. There was no one living at this location previously, soon there will be more than 100 residents. The infrastructure is already strained and instead of upgrading it, we are adding more strain.

Anonymous said...

Before the recent snows I drove from Metro down Fresh Pond to Cypress Hills St. and it took almost half an hour. You could walk the distance faster.

The area needs a municipal parking lot and for someone to inform the immigrants that double parking even with the emergency blinkers on is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Fresh Pond/Metropolitan/Forest ave have been a mess with traffic for a long time. Yes, a municipal parking will be nice. Hopefully most of the new residents will take public transportation or bike rather than own cars. Maybe the increase of higher density buildings will finally push the DOT to fix the fresh pond/metropolitan bridge area and make it better for pedestrians and traffic. The MTA could also make the M train full time during the weekend to Manhattan to encourage more train traffic. If you can, take the subway or express bus, or bike, its better than being stuck in traffic.

Anonymous said...

If you can, take the subway or express bus, or bike, its better than being stuck in traffic.

Funny thing is, the M train from Fresh Point Road to midtown manhattan taxes the exact same amount of time that the QM24 takes to get from and to the same points, pretty much to the minute.

The pain-in-the-ass part of the QM24 "express" bus is that they make it go in the *opposite direction of manhattan* for a long stretch in the middle of its route.

The route is madness. travels *away* from the city!

Anonymous said...

Traffic is the least of the problems when you can walk Fresh Pond station to Seneca all down Myrtle and not hear one single person speaking English, people handing out "Pawn Shop" "live Chickas" "$30 rubs"--its friggan depressing.
Who are those weird dark Slavic/Arabic looking dudes with a crazy look to them? I been seeing them in large numbers recently, they look crazy and up to no good.
Russian or Albanian gangs taking territory perhaps? Ridgewoods finished unless you live on a landmarked street.

Anonymous said...

Still a good area. But Fresh Pond Road is getting scary. Why can't communities and people in this city have or appreciate anything that looks nice or charming???! Why must everything look like cheap crap.