Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nightmare may hopefully come to an end

From the Brooklyn Daily:

Homecrest neighbors and local leaders may have finally slain the “monstrosity” in their midst.

After a torturous back and forth over construction of an outsized house that a city panel allowed to proceed despite a judge’s order — and the city’s admission that the project should never have been approved in the first place — the Department of Buildings has ordered the work halted and threatens to revoke the permit unless the builder addresses the agency’s objections.

The move came as the result of a meeting with department officials where neighbors and local leaders pressed for action against what they see as a scofflaw project.

“The lack of good faith surrounding this permit is outrageous,” said Ed Jaworski, president of the Madison-Marine Civic Association, who was at the meeting.

Late last week the Buildings Department sent a notice of “intent to revoke approvals and permits” to the building’s architect, Shlomo Wygoda, demanding that the project be reviewed by a structural engineer, and that Wygoda submit a plan to protect adjacent buildings.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad for that house next to it....that thing in the air looks horrible!

Anonymous said...

It's like they couldn't find anyplace else on this earth to squeeze that piece of shit in?

Anonymous said...

Escape clause for the developer:

"until they satisfy the departments conditions".

Translation: lots of discussions, furrowed brows, slight trivial changes that cost a few dollars, and then the project will continue.

The system will look good that it 'got involved' and the exhausted homeowners, thrown under the bus, will drop the issue.

Anonymous said...

It's like they couldn't find anyplace else on this earth to squeeze that piece of shit in?

No, because any plot of land where they would have been allowed to build that big would have been outside their price range.

They don't build like this because they *want* to fark over the neighbors, they do it because they want to have more than they can really afford. They put every penny they could scrape together into the house and tried to save on land costs.

Anonymous said...

You mean that the people who wanted this design actually want to live there? Hah! -- as if you'd want the "ruins of a crumbling bungalow" nearby.

I think this is just more extreme version of the cheap, ugly, revenue-maximizing architecture that is the plague of Brooklyn and Queens.

Joe Moretti said...

Well, the apartment building on the right of it looks like a piece of shit as well, one of those low-class third world shit holes.

Anonymous said...

1888 East 12 Street, Brooklyn, NY

J said...

Moretti on the house on the right:

why do those apartments need patios?A lot of these new mcmansions and faux condos have patios,what kind of views do they think they will see,or is it just a desire to have some lame version of luxury?

and that structure looks like the treehouse Phil Dunphy built for Luke on Modern Family

Anonymous said...

Absolute joke! We need some stricter building standards in this city. We are and will be laughed at if this sh*t building continues. No one wants to make attractive or architecturally sound buildings anymore I guess. How about we fix the old houses and buildings. Maybe even expand on buildings/houses and make the extensions match the rest of the house. Wow and your block and neighborhood will look a lot nicer and attractive.