Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Liz Crowley takes credit for something she had nothing to do with

From the Daily News:

A dilapidated, shuttered newsstand that had become a magnet for graffiti and trash on Metropolitan Ave. near Fresh Pond Road was torn down several days ago.

Civic leaders and lawmakers spent years fighting to get the site cleaned up, but it was stuck in a municipal Bermuda Triangle.

The MTA, Long Island Rail Road and the city Transportation Department all have some jurisdiction over the area. City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley brokered a deal to get the LIRR to kick in $100,000 in capital funds to demolish the structure.

OK, let's set the record straight.

The State condemned this property in order to facilitate the rebuilding of the bridge over the LIRR at Fresh Pond Road and Metropolitan Ave. The newsstand had to be removed in order to make way for said project. Liz Crowley had absolutely nothing to do with funding for it. It was paid for by the MTA. It's amazing the shit that journalistic rags will print to make a pol look good.


Anonymous said...

Liberal democrat +liberal media= distortion of reality. And it works, it works real well on new yorkers

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the shit that journalistic rags will print to make a pol look good.
Even more amazing how the public believes this or just passively sits quietly and access this.

That is the heart of why Queens is the way Queens is.

Anonymous said...

We've set expectations so low for what these entitled Dems can do, that a routine function of government gets a headline.

Next month, we'll be reminded how many of them were not arrested for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Liar liar panties on fire!!!!

Anonymous said...

This corner it still awful. All the properties are set back from the corner (Bank, CVS) and the newsstand gone and the gas station unused.

Now, i know it would not be easy to build here (freight train tracks below), but its just so awful for what should be an important intersection, but i just dont see how you can restore a streetwall here... but thats what it needs.

Anonymous said...

Bank on one corner, drug/convenience store on the other. What else can go there? The newsstand corner is too small for anything but a...newsstand. The old gas station, if I am not mistaken, is owned by the railroad or MTA.

How about this? Expand the carwash to include the gas station and have the entrance on Metropolitan that way cars don't block Fresh Pond entering and exiting the wash?

The corner has always been an interesting spot From the days of George'sDiner, Reilly's Diner, Jake Hass's Bar and Grill, Meyer Chevy, Karl's De Olde Homestead, etc..