Monday, February 10, 2014

It's not kosher to advertise this way

Once you put anything other than "for sale" on the sign, it becomes an illegal ad, not a legal 'for sale' sign. Advertising a house, such as this one on Maspeth Avenue, as a teardown is therefore a no-no. And Greiner-Maltz knows better. Of course, good luck getting DOB to care.


Anonymous said...

Signs like this pop up all over the city. They're so unsightly but DOB has them as the lowest priority.

J said...

I suggest people dial that number and crank call the douche who put that up.

Anonymous said...

No problem people:

your councilman will hold a press conference and submit legislation

your Queens weeklies will write thunderous editorials.

and the vibrant Queens civic culture will hold everyone's toes to the fire.


Anonymous said...

Naw, "its DOB's fault!!!" - a faceless agency somewhere out there that, when the words are uttered like some spell, takes the guilt and responsibility away from the typical Queens resident who expects little and does less.