Saturday, February 15, 2014

Senior center location not exactly ideal

From the Daily News:

The route to a Howard Beach senior center can be treacherous for the folks who have to use it.

Seniors often find themselves jaywalking to the new housing and recreation center at the intersection of eight-lane Cross Bay Blvd. and four-lane 156th Ave.

The potential for disaster has community leaders and advocates worried sick.

They want the city to scrutinize the scary traffic conditions near the gleaming new Peter J. Striano Residence and Catholic Charities’ Howard Beach Senior Center and examine the situation in the broader context of pedestrian safety.

The lack of a crosswalk at 156th Ave. combines with a quick signal on Cross Bay Blvd. to make a dangerous situation for seniors who park at the grocery store across the way, said program manager Judy Ascherman.

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J said...

this has always been a bad spot,its right next to the entrance to conduit east and the exit from the belt(which resembles a speedway).

And its only going to get worse of course.Because people today are easily more distracted than the good old days without cellphones,smartphones,venti cups of coffee and styrofoam platters of food in drivers hands.Not to mention the ultimate need for speed and shameless disregard for others.