Monday, February 10, 2014

Cockfighting ring busted

From the Daily News:

The chickens came home to roost Sunday for members of a bloodthirsty New York cockfighting and betting ring.

As many as 3,000 birds were seized and more than 70 people rounded up in "Operation Angry Birds," the largest cockfighting takedown and rooster rescue in state history, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.

State investigators carried out three simultaneous raids that stretching from Saturday night into Sunday morning, busting up a cockfighting event in Queens, a secret rooster coop in Brooklyn and breeding farm in upstate Ulster County.

Nine people were arrested.

The crackdown began Saturday night as Schneiderman's Organized Crime Task Force joined state police and U.S. Department of Homeland Security cops to execute a search warrant at 74-26 Jamaica Ave. in Woodhaven, Queens, where chicken-livered rooster owners, gamblers and spectators were watching birds fight to the death.

Six people who brought and fought gamecocks at the event were arrested and charged with animal fighting, a felony punishable in New York by a maximum penalty of four years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

The Woodhaven location, a two-story rowhouse with a shuttered first floor barber shop, hosted cockfights twice a month, an informant told cops, who zeroed in on the spot last May. It stank of wet bird feathers Sunday.

The unnamed informant, who made video recordings of an event for authorities in the lead-up to the takedown, admitted he bred, trained and fought roosters for roughly 10 years before turning in his non-feathered friends.

The roosters were plied with performance-enhancing drugs and fitted with razor-sharp spurs to tear each other apart in a small pen surrounded by alcohol-swilling gamblers, authorities said.

Spectators were charged admission and seating fees and booze was sold without a permit during the all-night fights. The ring even had security guards who frisked spectators and wagers reached as much as $10,000.

"I don't know what they were doing in there," said Sammy Ayala, who works down the street. "I never saw any chickens."


Anonymous said...

Have the participants fight to the death - and televise it!

That would be one sport I'd pay to watch and you'd be doing society a big favor!

Same goes for dog fight participants. Put Mike Vick in the arena as well.

Joe Moretti said...

More than likely mostly low-class third world immigrants, many illegally.

We want to take in low-class third world immigrants, then we also take in all of their baggage and shit as well.

A Better NYC said...

What's the big deal.....?

These immigrants are simply just participating in their own barbaric, low-class, ghetto, filthy, animalistic, illegal pastimes, that they refer to as their "culture".

(where's P.E.T.A when you need them?)

Anonymous said...

Collateral damage from the regime of diversity.

Eliminate cockfighting, and the next thing they will do is ban ritual human sacrifice. I tell you its a slippery slope.

Deke DaSilva said...

(where's P.E.T.A when you need them?)

They're hiding out with the following other groups:

- Feminists who didn't say a word of support for Nicole Brown during the O.J. Simpson trial
- Leaders of the National Organization of Women who said nothing during Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal and other philandering
- White Liberals who went ape shit over an insignificant number of Mormons in California who oppose gay marriage, yet these same White Liberals say NOTHING about the HUGE numbers of Black Californians who opposed gay marriage

I could go on and on, but you and I get the picture!!!

The Slogan of the Party is:


Anonymous said...

Dear Leader DeBlah-blah just came out in his state of the city address and said, "New York would become the largest municipality to offer identification cards to residents regardless of their legal status, making it easier for undocumented immigrants to open bank accounts, lease apartments or borrow library books." Oh, and bring their filthy little animal cruelty hobbies in, too.

J said...

this has been going on for a while in woodhaven and ozone park,even under the supposed law and order regimes of benito giuliani and the funsize mayor.

if anything,at least this was caught pretty early under che deblasio
(if I may join in the commie pile on).Now lets see the Blaz make this one republic,I mean city by making the legals be able to afford still living here as well as he so promised in his address

georgetheatheist said...

Can't we do Virtual Cockfighting yet? On the internetz? No blood or heads to mop up.

Anonymous said...

a vibrant and diverse list of names on the arrest list.

...usual suspects, etc, etc....

Anonymous said...

"Can't we do Virtual Cockfighting yet"

Yes George it’s evidently so popular the server to play is not available most the time and it’s in Spanish. The chickens squirt blood it violent & repulsive so be warned! You also need a good 3D video card w/directX and a headset to play
-to many sick bastards have entered this country