Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Magical Blue Bus finds a friend

So that Magical Blue Bus is still hanging around on Banker Street in Bushwick, but it seems to have multiplied. Now there's also a purple bus!
I don't know why they seem to be tethered together. And the new one actually has NY State plates. Wonders never cease!


Anonymous said...

It's as if Barney and Cookie Monster were a romantic couple and had been reincarnated as broken-down buses sitting outside of a bar masquerading as a cultural center in an old factory building!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's none of your busness.

Anonymous said...

If the buses have commercial plates they can't be parked on the street overnight.

J said...

one can only imagine the lousy art,films,music,graphic design and marketing ideas that will germinate when these rodents will gather and occupy these vehicles.

they must be stopped.

Ned said...

Hell yes they must be stopped--especially before they get stoned on all that toxic marijuana and start procreating. (my grape vine cant get pollinated from what’s happening to the bees due to all the pot plants on the roofs)
These self titled artist pinko hippie freaks are future welfare & meal ticket recipients. Smoking dope, singing "Kum ba yah" and liberal arts doesn't pay the bills.

Why should working middle class be forced to compensate for peoples bad decisions in life at gunpoint with more taxes and that socialist scam called Obamacare ?
Hand these bums some brooms, gas up those buses and ship them to Jamaica for an honest useful weeks work!