Monday, February 10, 2014

Pedestrian safety on people's minds


Anonymous said...

You'd have to educate our "vibrant and diverse" inhabitants with Public Safety Announcements in a gazillion languages!!!

So many near accidents are caused by people jaywalking or crossing against the light - and they're usually wheeling and dragging their many offspring along. It's rampant in Flushing and the Spanish neighborhoods - it's a free for all.

How about they have fewer kids and obey the damned lights and signs?

This is an example of Darwinism at its finest.

Anonymous said...

there have been several incidents in the last year where a driver killed or injured people who weren't jaywalking and they weren't charged with a crime

and i see people running red lights and not stopping at stop signs and crosswalks daily

J said...

there are so many things to blame,reckless drivers and self-entitled bikers and pedestrians(who think they always have the right of way,despite the steady red and a big red hand).What is needed is a crackdown on moving violations with the same zeal they go after parking violations.

the nypd only enforces the law when its convenient and when somebody dies(Phillip Seymour Hoffman,anyone?).Well,except when it comes to vehicular assault,although that might stem from a sort of solidarity because cops tend to text while driving and run reds when there is clearly no emergency.

these are the real broken windows,William.Get on it.Maybe rebrand it broken limbs.