Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crap cleanup campaign to launch in LIC

From LIC Post:

Elected officials are taking steps to help rid Long Island City of its dog poop problem.

Joe Conley, chairman of Community Board 2, said he has received numerous complaints from Hunters Point residents about the amount of dog poop that litters the sidewalks.

He said the community board is in the middle of composing a letter—that spells out the rules and regulations regarding dogs—and sending it to all the major building owners in the Center Boulevard and 5th Street area.

“We will be asking the building owners to notify their residents about the rules,” Conley said.

In the past, Conley said that he has worked with the Department of Sanitation to send agents to dog-poop trouble spots and tickets were issued. He said he does not have plans to do that yet, but may have to if people’s behavior doesn’t change.

Meanwhile, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has plans to promote a public awareness campaign in Hunters Point through school children.

Van Bramer said he will be holding a “curb your dog” poster competition—where children learn that dog owners are required by law to pick up after their dog and how it’s the considerate thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Those yuppie scumbags don't deserve any kind of handout at all. Let them clean up their own shit.

Anonymous said...

Irresponsible dog owners leaving dog shit on sidewalks and curbs for others to step in should be given fines not warnings.

Joe Moretti said...

Please writing a letter, this upper middle class to uber rich know the rules, they just don't give a shit.

We have the same situation here in Jamaica, big difference, we are not paying millions of dollars for an apartment surrounded by dog shit.

I think they are waiting for the Mexican help to pick it up for them.

Kevin Walsh said...

Lots of people apparently believe that the crap will melt when the snow does.

Anonymous said...

Same problem in Rockaway-from the side walks to the beach-Dog crap EVERYWHERE! What a shame!

Anonymous said...

Same problem in Auburndale. The dog owners are ridiculous! We had one lady (our neighbor) call the cops because we asked her to curb her dog. The cops told her to keep off our property and she cursed at them! They told us she was crazy and just keep our distance.

I had one Greek or Albanian lady scream at me "You Americans, your parents are murderers!" after I reminded her (nicely) of the leash laws in NYC because her dog was trying to pee on my leg! WTH???!!!!

There's a lady who walks the dog down my block and claims she can't pick up after her dog because she didn't bring a bag. I give her one every time I see her.

I have signs saying to curb your dog, I have signs saying to pick up after your dog. All of this and still my block and lawn are covered in dog poop and i don't even own a dog! SMH

Anonymous said...

The same thing is happenining in College Point aka Garbage Point - dog shit every where. One guy had his dog poop right in the pathway where people walk at the park. I asked him to pick it up and he says "Que? No English." He conveniently forgot how to speak English. Apparently, he also forgot how to be human.

Anonymous said...

Lets get priories right folks. Sweat the vital details while the big picture is invisible.

How about the displacement of the community?

Veterans and seniors and taxpayers and voters and citizens are invisible as they silently vanish before the new colonizers.

Amenities for Buffy and Tip so they can take their kids to school without dog shit on their precious boots.

Of course the fact that the school is on a brownfield and the charming bistro that Biffy and Tip celebrated their anniversary was soaked in Newtown Creek a few months back is something that we can forget.

Like the displaced.