Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paying is for suckers

NYCUrbanScape on Flickr
From [to the turnstile bandits at the elmhurst avenue M/R stop] by Matthew Kremer:

he descends the stairs of the M/R line
and pauses for a minute
to survey the scene.
waits cautiously,
listening for the approach
of the eight-car manhattan train.
looks at all the gum splotches
beneath his rotting soles.
what was that noise? a radio?
over the course of three days--one
each in january, february and march--
clerks noted a whopping 329
fare-beaters at the station.

he makes a dash for it
like a wigged-out gazelle
over the turnstiles
down the stairs
and into the car.
a few stragglers see it
and shake their heads.
a photo of victoria saravia
flutters at the edge of the wall
in the gust of the departure.


Anonymous said...

That's what the mta gets for raising fares! To tell you the truth if I thought I could get away with it, I would be trying to do the same thing. I know it sounds rotten but the mta sucks! The one thing I would fear about it is that the mta will raise rates again saying that they are "losing money" because of the fare jumpers.

Anonymous said...

Hipster poetry

Anonymous said...

Paying is for sucker.

Getting caught is even more "suckerish".

Size em up, try your luck.

Anonymous said...

At least, if you are going to evade the fare, leave your piece at home.